Posted by: vlbyers | July 8, 2009

Hi Everyone

July 10, 2009

We are continuing preparation for our trip. Making dental/eye appointments, calculating and recalculating our expenses. Repairing,  buying new and figuring out what exactly do we need. This week has been spent repairing the aft head, the port locker, inflating the dinghy to find the leak(a washer in the airvalve), trying to start the outboard, ordering new boat cards, putting the MOB strobe in working order, cleaning lockers, making a tool holder out of old sail, making a laundry bag out of old sail(actually playing around with my sewing machine and learning to sew sail material), aclimating Black Cat to the boat, organizing stuff, reorganizing all the stuff, making lists of stuff we need, projects we have to/want to do, stuff we need to fix and need to take off the boat. Today Larry is doing some fence work for Jeff and Lauren at their ‘rental house’, I have made about 1/2 of the Wheel and Binnacle cover. Can’t wait to try it out for size.

Our first completed week of retirement is today, doesn’t seem like a week has gone by. It feels good on the boat and not to be mandated by someone else’s clock. We still wake about 6:30-7 am, get going early, REALLY enjoy the morning  sun coming in the cockpit and sewing on the cabin of the boat. Rode Larry on the back of my bike last night to listen to some music by Lombardi’s in Everett, felt like we were 12 again. We have 38 days till we leave for Calif.

Andrew will be here on the 19th, sure will be nice to have him to help with some of the chores, oh yeah and to go sailing!! He said he is really getting excited/anxious about the trip, he usually doesn’t anticipate something like he is with this. I am getting excited too and also a little anxious regarding the time we have and the things we still need to do. I am sure it will all work out in the end. We have made our lists in 1,2,and 3 order. 1 is the have to do, 2 is the would like to do and 3 is the maybe someday. Our friends have a slightly different list, do before we leave, do somewhere on the way and do maybe someday. I kind of like that list. That means that we can have partially completed projects in a bag or a locker like we used to have at home!!

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