Posted by: vlbyers | July 16, 2009

Hi All

We are working everyday getting the boat and ourselves ready, we now have 33 more days left before we head out the straight to California. We now have a dinghy and motor in working order, a new cover for the wheel and binnacle, a new elecrical junction box. Tomorrow working on new battery terminals and wire-it is really old! It is all about getting to know the boat and the systems. On friday we are going out with friend Tom Grey for a spinnaker sail, that is if we can find our spinnaker sail! We have all the line and the blocks we need for the trial run. Thanks to our friends KC and Jan for sharing some food and wine and allowing us to share our dream and our boat–we had a great time. If you are ever in a faraway port that happens to be the same as ours we hope you will stop by for a sail or just to catch up. Talking with our Baja buddies Scott and Monica lets us know we are all scrambling to make this all work in the right time and also to remember why we are doing it–to have fun and live life on our terms.

Tomorrow Julie and the grandkids will visit, we will go crabbing, maybe raise a sail or take the dinghy out for a run around the harbor, Isaac can’t wait to catch some ‘pish’ and ‘eat em’.

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