Posted by: vlbyers | July 30, 2009

From Larry…..

Vicki is doing a great job of tracking our progress so far. She’s really done a lot of work.

Today I had the last, (hopefully), of my dental work done. Thank you Dr. Olsen and crew! They are a great bunch.

Thank you to Bill at Performance Marine on Marine View Drive for the great deal on the new outboard for Charlie, (our dinghy). Harbor Marine also has been a lot of help in our preparation.

We’re all very excited, and a little bit nervous about this adventure. Thank you to all our friends for your support and help. As we wait to cut the lines, the Port of Everett and John Mohr have been very helpful.


  1. Hey you three, was so good being together and we had fun. Wonderful hike and games. We’ll send some of the pictures, especially the one of Vicki upside down in the tree.
    Let’s see how, your new side band is working.
    I’m really excited that you are making this trip happen. I know you will be very very busy, at least when you are under way.
    MUCH LOVE, Don & Dolly

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