Posted by: vlbyers | August 4, 2009

From Lare Again….

We got the sad news last week about Tom getting a new job–meaning he won’t be going with us to SF. This is a major bummer. So, at this point it looks like it will be just Vicki, Andrew, and I going.

There are still lots of things on the to-do list. The fuel filters kept clogging with debris so we straightened that out by having the tanks cleaned. This led to another problem because the fuel line on one of the tanks became disconnected. I’m not sure how this happened because the fuel cleaning service said they didn’t do it. After hours of bleeding the lines and trouble-shooting I finally found the problem.

Vicki and I picked up the life raft yesterday in a whirlwind of “things we had to do.” I ordered a new single side band radio and modem last week, ($5,000.00!). With this we’ll be able to send and receive email while at sea. We picked up charts at Captain’s Nautical Supplies and made our final, (I think), trip to Seattle Fisheries Supply.

Mark and Jackie: Thank you for the wonderful dinner at Rover’s on Saturday. Happy Birthday to both of you. See you in SF!


  1. Hi there Larry, Vicki and Andrew!

    Have a nice trip and fun.

    And please do not forget updating us by your pictures:)

    Hope to see you soon!


  2. I am looking forward to reading all about your upcoming adventures! See you Sunday!

  3. Hi guys, found your blog. Don’t worry about only having 3 for the trip. We found 3 doing 4 hours shifts was good, we each got about 6 hours sleep in a block and was able to take little naps.

    All is well, check our blog for the details of the trip down.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you all!

    Scott and Monica

  4. Well, here it is the first day of our lives without L&VB – but the good times will continue as we’ll just have to have one on ya with the remaining group. It was a good party last night with very good people gathering to send you off. We hear you got off at 04:30 and not 04:00 but all is well.
    We’ll see you in San Francisco (to be accurate, it will really be Tiburon or Sausalito) but where it is you’ll drop anchor. I’ll have the car so I can drive you to Santa Rosa…………..Vicki knows that one!

  5. Well, here it is day 3 without L&VB here. So, you are well on your way to following your life’s dream. All your friends and family are happy that you have this opportunity, but it also comes with some concern for your safety which is natural. Mark and I are the lucky ones, because we will be seeing you soon in San Francisco and there’s so much to see and do there, so don’t plan on sleeping – just do that before we arrive. I have read the messages from Joe, and it looks as though you’ll be able to anchor in Belvedere Cove. Thanks for the good party at the dock and it was fun to see everyone again. We’ll continue to do that without you – please send me Steve and Gina’s contact info so we can get them down to Seattle to see Lee’s gig. See you soon! Luv, M&J
    Vicki – I’ll have car so I can get you to Santa Rosa……LOL

  6. Was quite busy this week, but still managed time to miss you guys. Will contact Jim and Julie to see if they are up to filling the void. It was super talking to you yestyerday, and am glad you were safe after running into that patch of bad weather.Stay safe my friends, and am looking forward to seeing you soon.

  7. Looks like ya’ll have everthing going together! I am very impresed by all ya’ll have done up to now. We’ll be thinking and praying for all ! Love Ya’ll ,BRO

  8. please send us some pics of your boat

  9. Yes, we are waiting for pics:)

    Where are you now?

  10. Hey Vickie! It is coming up to November 5! Are you anywhere near Cabo?

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