Posted by: vlbyers | September 18, 2009

Hi Everyone! We arrived today in Santa Cruz near Monterey, CA. Havin a great time.


  1. We’re right around the corner in Capitola heading for Still Water Cove later this morning.

    See you down the coast

    Bill & Tracy
    SV Zephyr

  2. Hi Vicki & Larry and Andrew

    Hey Vic, I am so proud of you all, what an adventure and as it sounds, a learning experience. You will all be wonderful seasoned sailors when you return! Isn’t it amazing the feeling of coming into new places by boat, the awe and beauty of each place always amazes me. Chuck and I have been thinking of you guys. We feel a bit wimpy compared to you, we made it all the way to Friday Harbor full motor, no wind Friday morning! We are sitting here in Friday Harbor, what a beautiful weekend, sunny and in shorts. We are having the Indian Summer we hoped for. We’ve enjoy reading about your adventure and continue to wish you the best. Take Care – Chuck and Darcy

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