Posted by: vlbyers | October 4, 2009

Made it to So Cal!

Hi everyone,

Well I (Vicki) had my birthday at Santa Cruz island. When we sailed into Frys Harbor it was warm and sunny, we were one of 3 other boats in the anchorage. There was a beautiful beach, great cliffs and a beautiful little stream on the island. We spent some time exploring the cove by foot and then donned our wet suits and snorkels and explored under the water. We found some fish, rays and a very pretty octopus. We also dove the anchors and cleaned the bottom a little. The water was a little cold but I was happy to be swimming, what a great way to celebrate my birthday. Dinner on the boat was awesome and then Andrew made me a Cheese Cake for dessert and Larry and he sang HB to me!! Great day.

After Frys Harbor we went to Smugglers cove, we had weather reports that forecasted heavy winds and wanted to anchor in a more protected side of the island. We anchored at Smugglers cove with about 30 fishing boats and the coast guard. The winds started up about 1 hour after we set our anchor and continued to increase throughout the night. Although the wind came over the island and down the canyon right over the boat whistling and at times screaming through the schrouds-we were very comfortable in our cabin playing cards and listening to some music. Despite getting up several times to check the anchor (which held very well) it was a pretty restfull  night, much better than being out in the heavy seas and high wind!!

Forecasted weather for our trip to Long Beach was for 10-20 k winds so we were excited to sail the entire way with favorable winds and seas. We left at 4 in the afternoon to arrive in the morning hours to this busy harbor. We never saw any more than 5 k of wind so motored the whole way to Long Beach. There was no room at that inn due to some boat show so we continued down to Newport Beach. When we called the Harbor Patrol to arrange for moorage the woman said ‘we ALWAYS have room’, very nice and welcoming. 

We are here in Anaheim staying with family for a few days. We have been running around getting supplies, working on our list of needed repairs, doing laundry, sleeping in a queen bed and having hot showers. We are enjoying most catching up with family news and reestablishing bonds. The boat is on a mooring ball in Newport Beach, a town which is one of my favorites, and black cat is having some well deserved down time to herself. Prior to leaving the boat we had set up the solar panels for the first time and when we we returned to the boat today to check on black cat and the status of the batteries we found that the fridge was still running and the batteries were charged–maybe the solar panels are actually working!

Larry ordered his replacement phone and got new glasses, Vicki got her new phone (if you recall that was our dinghy toss loss). From now on-glasses secured on the head and phones in waterproof cases. Tomorrow Larry will go to Long Beach to take the final part of his Captains License exam. I am sure he will pass and have his Sailing endorsement. It should be an interesting  trip on the California Freeways on a Monday-it has been a while since we have had some excitement so I guess we are due. 

Our next stop should be Catalina Island and then on to San Diego where we hope to catch up with our sailing friends and make more needed repairs prior to the BajaHaHa-we’ll put in an update before we head down to Mexico–until then:)

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