Posted by: vlbyers | October 15, 2009

Dana Point and Oceanside, CA

October 13, 2009 Here in Oceanside, never thought we would stop here from Dana Point, headed straight to San Diego but I was not feeling well despite a beautiful day of 10-20k winds, light rain off and on and clouds but not real cold. Even the spray from the waves was refreshing and not cold. Heading South we did have to beat into a SE wind and a little heavy chop, progress was slow and the thought of getting to SD at midnight wasn’t too appealing. What is this cruising life if not the ability to change plans midstream. Often we find the most pleasant and unexpected adventures when we are able to let things happen. Dana Point was a relaxing stop, cozy anchorage near the Dana Point Yacht Club where we were able to use their showers even though there wasn’t room to get a slip. We met Capaz again and caught up on happenings since we had seen them in Santa Cruz at Fry’s harbor. There is a nice Ocean learning center there, mostly set up for kids but Larry and I enjoyed touching the sea stars and looking at different fish. They have a large research vessel that takes groups out 2ce a day, from the laughter and squeels of the kids as the boat returned it was pretty apparent that much fun was had. We biked and walked around the harbor and made a trip to the nearest grocery to get a few needed items. Here is where the bubble popping started. First some little pops and then they grew to be continuous and quite noisy. With the noise of the day they were almost unnoticeable but at night they were especially bothersome. The noise was part of it, what was worst was we couldn’t figure out what it was, we could hear it in every part of the boat on the inside, outside couldn’t hear anything. Larry was imagining that it was barnacles making their home on our hull although we had just had the bottom paint done in Everett ‘we should haul out in San Diego and put another coat of paint since they only put one on’ at the cost of 600.00 I was not excited about that prospect hoping that we would be able to do that in Mexico for a fraction of the cost-and do it ourselves. Then there was the thought of delamination of the hull, how could that happen? Our fears kept us up for parts of nights, along with the mega yacht that parked on the very small dock in the harbor right by us and kept it’s engines going all day and night. How could they keep the place lit up like a Christmas tree all night if they didn’t run those engines. The least they could have done was to invite us over for some tapas and drinks. Back to the bubbles, Larry called a place to haulout in San Diego to check on prices and mentioned the clicking/popping noise and the very helpful gentlemen said many people worry needlessly because they are unfamiliar with the sounds that sand shrimp make. Andrew is having a difficult time believing that one, but it is a relief and one thing that we don’t have to put on our checklist prior to heading to Mexico. Andrew is taking up surfing-he found a used board in Dana Point and brought it back to the boat. Heavens knows where we are going to put it. He headed out the moment we docked here in Oceanside to find the surf. When he returned he was tired and said he ‘almost’ caught a wave or 2. Other surfers were happy to give some tips-especially helpful was going out close to the breakwater to catch the rip that goes out and not have to fight the surf on the way out. I am sure that by the time we get to Mexico he’ll be doing great.

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