Posted by: Lare | October 18, 2009

We made it to San Diego!

We made the short trip, (12 miles), to San Diego from Mission Bay today. In spite of having to motor the entire way we were very excited to finally get here after two months of travel. Right after we arrived and anchored we went to a Baja Ha Ha welcome party at Downwind Marine. We made lots of new friends who are also part of the rally. As a group we are quite a mix of individuals with varying skills and experience–from circumnavigators to novices. I guess that’s part of the appeal because regardless of your own background, there are others with either more or less experience. Tomorrow we move to a marina where shore power will make repairs easier.

After we returned from the party we went over the long “To Do” list to be accomplished before we set off a week from tomorrow to Mexico. Halyards to be replaced; water heater to install;  watermaker to repair; fresh water leak to fix; chainplates to reseat–and much more. We also are going to visit with my cousin Stacia.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our “years in the making plan” is actually happening. We’ve all talked about how we feel at this point, (we’ve been gone two months!),  in the trip and none of us would change a thing. Even the part about my new tattoo……..more on that later…..Vicki and I are so happy to have this opportunity to live our dream. We are also very thankful to be able to share it with all our friends.


  1. Congratulations and THx for adding me to your mailing list. I am now adding your blog to my favorites list. I have been following my former work friend Patrick and Laura Harrigan on Now I have 2 people I know living the dream.

    P.S. Weather in Everett 1″ rain yesterday (Saturday). Respite today and Monday and more rain Tuesday. Sorry you can’t be here.

  2. The great part about this Adventure of yours is that it gives the rest of us the drive and ambition to make our own dreams a reality one day soon as well. Smooth sailing my friend and may we meet up in Mexico sometime over New Years.
    Buen viaje!!!

  3. I like the posts and must admit I check too often. Please post a picture of the first real mexican Corona being hoisted. That sounds like a kodak moment.

  4. NEW TATTOO???

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