Posted by: vlbyers | October 20, 2009

Countdown begins

San Diego is a beautiful and interesting harbor. Having lived in So Cal most of my life I had never had the chance to explore via the harbors, this is such a different perspective and one that I really enjoy. We are here at the Cabrillo Isle Marina-what a wonderful place/people. They have extended special prices to all of us BajaHaHa’ers and are just all around accommodating.

Our list keeps getting checked off and then added to-we only have 5 more days to get it done. It is so funny to be shopping around the town for whatever and to run into other cruisers doing all the similar things we are. Larry has been working diligently on the water heater and the watermaker. Andrew is working on lights and lines that have wear so we don’t end up breaking something. I have been working on the secretarial side with our banking and insurance stuff and getting provisions a little at a time. We have had sunny days and I have taken the opportunity to put away some of my heavier winter clothing and blankets in storage bags, wishfull thinking? I will be sure to let you all know.  

We met up with Scott and Monica from Scottfree, our buds from Everett FINALLY. It was so great to swap stories of the trip down the coast and share our excitement for the continuation to Mexico. There was agreement all around that the WA/OR coast is nasty (weather wise-not scenery or people) and that we’d rather leave it, and hoping the coast here on down will be a bit more hospitable. Monica also has her magic potion that she is convinced will end the seasickness with me–my fingers are crossed!! Of course we all have our eyes on hurricane Rick checking the progress daily and hoping that it doesn’t make landfall as a hurricane. To all of our loved ones-the committee would delay the start of the rally if there was any chance of us encountering this storm or any other significant weather down the coast. We also have the ability to delay ourselves if we feel that there is any problem so no worries.  

On a sad note we would like all of you to send your positive thoughts that we will find Black Cat. She was here sitting on my tummy late last night and when Andrew got up at 5 she was gone. We have searched all the fingers of the marina and the marina has put up flyers for us and even lent us a cage to catch her. This is so unlike her to be gone for any time at all but I am holding out hope that she just went visiting and maybe just got turned around in the marina. Tomorrow I will call the local humane societies and do some more searching. She has been such a fun addition to the crew and has really gotten into this cruising life, maybe she just thought ‘San Diego is the best place yet, I’m out of here’ (there are some nice boats here, she could get some stellar accommodations). We are all pretty down but hoping for a good outcome.

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