Posted by: vlbyers | October 25, 2009

Hola Familia y Amigos

This will be the last post until we are in Mexico and not sure when that will be-maybe not until the 6th of November–WOW.

It was so great to see Ron and Michael last night and have dinner with them-thanks again. We went to Old Town and had a great mexican meal and then did some window shopping through the little village there. Relaxing and spending time with family was just what we needed, remember we are expecting you in Mexico sometime soon;)

Tomorrow is our last day of preparation prior to heading offshore and south. We have gotten so much done the past few days it is great to have the boat in better and better shape and for us to know more about her all the time. Our confidence builds day by day, and then we worry too about the thing we didn’t get done, oh well we’ll be OK.

Larry did get the water heater installed and it is working, we have hot water!!! Wow such a luxery, although we are heading to warmer climes it will be great to do the dishes (yep they still get dirty even in paradise) without having to heat up water in the tea pot, it’s the little things. We also had an ancient (cassette tape) radio/tape player which took up lots of space, we replaced it with the size of a car radio/CD player and it sounds great. Larry even got the TV to play through the speakers. So great to be able to listen to tunes even when we aren’t on shore power. We now have an empty cabinet, hummm that will be great for our wine glasses!

Today I got the cushions covered with some new fabric, it isn’t the final solution but it sure looks and feels better to have clean fabric to sit and sleep on during our watches. The trip to the grocery yesterday takes the cake for the biggest load transported by bike-whew and I didn’t even break one egg. All the lights are working now and the lines are replaced. We even have some extra for that unfortunate accident 200 miles from nowhere. The fuel tank was filled today, 33 gal which is $125.00 for the month. Not bad hu? We emptied the holding tank (I know but some of you really wanted to hear about all of it:). All the bills are paid, the mail has been gotten(thanks to Lauren), insurance is almost done, phone service has been changed and the bank will be notified of our travel plans. Tomorrow we will top off the water tanks, stow the bikes and all the gear in prep for leaving early on Monday. The lee cloth still needs to be completed for use on our passages on our starboard settee, the zincs and the prop need to be inspected one last time. I picked fixing the lee cloth 🙂 We all have our costumes for the party tomorrow and the sendoff on Monday WHEW this feels like when we left Everett-so much preparation I will be glad when we shove off, whatever didn’t get done will just have to wait. Everyone on the dock has been going about similar preparations, it has been busy this past week but quiet. Today it was just a buzz with activity, from early in the morning you could hear all the sounds of boats making their last minute changes or repairs, the drills, hammers, shop vacs, the carts loaded with supplies going down the walkways, sharing of ideas and supplies with others when you have 150 yds of something and only needed 20 ft. What a great community and one that I am happy to be a part of and finally adjusting to.

We have taken on another crew for the trip to Cabo. His name is Antonio and he had made plans to crew for a boat that was unable to do the trip, we felt it would be good to have another experienced crew and also we would be helping out a fellow Baja HaHa’er, someone who had made plans which fell through. He really seems to fit right in with us, has his own boat which he has taken from San Francisco to Ensanada and quite a bit of other offshore and San Francisco bay sailing experience plus he speaks Spanish. We have already planned to have some late night spanish lessons on the way down the coast. We will get a pic of him and get it on the page as soon as we are able.

San Diego is attempting to increase the visibility of the HaHa event by having a parade and the fire boats spraying water over the fleet as we are departing. The local news stations are reported to be there, don’t know how much will be broadcast or if you will be able to search on the web to see photos but you can try to catch a glimps of us-we will be the ones with big grins and waving wildly. That is Monday the 26th in case you have forgotten.

I am ready for this next phase, feels very strange to be at the doorstep of what we have been envisioning for years. We have met many who are planning to do what we are, open ended cruising, heading south and then more south. I am sure some will become close friends over the next few weeks and months as our paths cross again and again.

Found on the anchor

Found on the anchor

Still not warm enough

Still not warm enoughDolphins at the bow


  1. I’ve got a little story for you….
    Back in July, we had a staff retreat to plan out the next school year. One of the field trips that came up was to go to the coast to go with our study of tidepools. So, we booked a date according to the best tide time. That day happened to be the day after the earthquake, which caused the Oregon coast to have a tsunami warning. Not sure if we should take our families on the beach after a tsunami warning, but we got the ok to go, and it was one of the best days on the coast I’ve ever had. We had roughly 50 kids and 50 adults. It was a huge success.

    We also visited the Maritime Museum, which if you guys haven’t gone, you must. You would really enjoy it.

    So, there’s my little story. Nice blog by the way. What a great way to keep us informed. Thanks for sharing. Be safe and take care.
    Love Valena and family

  2. AYC gang sends their Good Luck wishes!!

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