Posted by: vlbyers | October 30, 2009

Here in Turtle Bay

We made it to turtle bay yesterday evening after about a 36 hour run from San Quentin. The first part of the journey was pretty mild, we had good wind and the seas were not too bad some 5-6ft. seas but we had great sailing weather. Antonio is our new crew that we picked up for the run to Cabo and he was a great addition to our already great crew. He has good sailing experience and is just jazzed to be sailing so he is ready and willing to help out even off his watch. We changed our schedules around a bit so we have 2 on at all times, makes it so only 2 hours at the helm at any time and with this last leg we were hand steering quite a bit through the rough seas and 2 hours is about the limit–real workout for your arms and back.

The weather still has some coolness to it and the 2nd night offshore required our foul weather gear to keep warm. Fog was included in the early morning hours which added to the damp and cool feeling. We got some water over the rails many times and we were happy to have on our gear at that time. The boat handles so well during the rough stuff and when we hit our 30+ knots this time we were prepared, already double reefed and just a little jib out made the ride much easier to handle. Sleeping during the rough stuff is still difficult but we manage to catch a few hours here and there and then make up for it in port.

We had a great beach party today with volleyball, a pot luck lunch, tug of war and enjoying catching up with our other boat buddies and hearing their tales of the trip. Today is also Dia de la muertes here in Mexico and we came ashore on a panga and are enjoying music and food.

This Baja Haha has seen the roughest weather of any prior rally, we even were advised to take an extra stop and will be starting tomorrow off a few hours later to allow some of the fleet rest prior to setting off again. Several boats got caught in nets, one was unable to get free from the net and was returning to anchorage to try to get off the line. They broke part of their boom and will have to repair before they can continue on. Another boat was actually sunk after being hit repeatedly by a whale. They had a liferaft and all aboard survived thank goodness. Our outlook when spotting whales from now on is different for sure.

From here on out the weather is supposed to be much milder and reportedly we will be begging for a little wind to sail in. I for one am looking forward to some easy sailing weather to end this trip with.

We did not locate Black Cat prior to leaving San Diego–it was sad to have to leave without her we really enjoyed her company.

See you all in Cabo




  1. We are leaving for Cabo on November 5th and will be at Sunset Beach resort until the 11th. Then we will be at the country club until the 19th. Shawn will be checking email periodically but hopefully you will email me before we leave. You can always leave a message at Mango’s on the main beach as we will be there also. Hope to see you Vickie and Larry. from Julie Lutz and Shawn and Gabriella and Annabellle

  2. my email is

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