Posted by: vlbyers | November 12, 2009

Cabo Experience

Ocean SunsetSpinnaker flying highDolphinsBahia Santa Maria and 'river'I have to admit it, I am sitting here in Starbucks drinking my iced latte and getting another post updated to you. If you are reading this you might want to skip down to the other post first since they are both posted on the same day (12th).
Jeanna and Steve flew in on the 6th. We were able to get the boat cleaned up and do some laundry before they got here so at least they got clean sheets to sleep on. Every day and night we were busy doing such fun things that before we knew it they were packed up and we were walking them to the hotel to catch the shuttle. Their visit was filled with shopping, the Giggling Marlin (pictures will be added later), sight seeing, snorkling and swimming and eating some very good mexican food both at restaurants and on the boat. Of course we had to share some of our catch with them and must say it was awesome.
Yesterday was the Costco run where we stocked up for Bridgette’s visit. Except for some of the prices and the languages it is very similar. Larry was also able to get a replacement pair of glasses-this time we are going to permanently attach them to his head. We took a bus to Costco for 8 pesos (about 50 cents) and then a taxi back for 12.00 which was well worth it with the case of water, V8 and beer not to mention the other 6 very heavy bags. The taxi dropped us off right next to the dinghy dock and then we made our way out to the boat, thankfully the water wasn’t too rough although we did pass about 30 fishing boats returning to the docks as we were heading out and they don’t follow the no wake rule so it was another exciting time here in Cabo!
Today has been spent doing some crosstitch on my grandbaby’s birth announcement-no not the one we are expecting-this one is for Emile who is now 2 years old. I am happy to say I am very confident that when we return in January it will be complete and I will be able to start on the new grandbaby’s crosstitch which hopefully won’t take as long! About 11 it started getting warm even in the shade of the cockpit and my eyes couldn’t focus any longer so it was time for a swim. Jumping off the boat into the clear blue water is so refreshing, Andrew did some diving to check on the zincs and look at the bottom of the boat but I just donned my snorkel gear and was content to observe the bottom of the ocean at about 20 ft depth it is as clear as can be. Not to much wildlife to see at this time of the day, in the evening we are entertained by hundreds of flying fish jumping in concert when they are chased by a larger fish, and then the big splash of the larger fish as he is ‘dining’ on his catch. After my swim I jumped in the dinghy, partially filled it with salt water, got my shampoo and took a bath with a fresh water rince from the sun shower on deck-ahhhh what a life.
We are looking so forward to Bridgette’s visit, she should be here by 10 tonight. Tomorrow we plan to check out the famous arch and do some more snorkeling in the same area. That should allow her some time to rest and relax before we set out on Saturday, besides tomorrow is not only Friday, which is considered to be bad luck to start out a journey, it is also the 13th. Not that we are superstitious at all, we just don’t want to take any chances. There are 4 other boats from the Haha who are also leaving on Saturday so we will be setting up our own daily ‘net’ to check in with them on the way up the coast. Our first stop will be Los Frailes which is about 45 miles and then Ensenada de los Muertos, which is about the same and then on to La Paz. Each leg should be an easy day sail where we can also spend several days at each port prior to getting her back to Cabo for her return flight.

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