Posted by: vlbyers | November 12, 2009

Hot in Cabo

We have finally found the hot weather, it is here in Cabo San Lucas if you are interested in escaping the cold, rain and snowy weather in wherever you are!
We arrived the evening of the 5th after an overnight sail from Bahia Santa Maria, I know it is now the 11th and you are anxious and upset for the delay in updating so get your hot chocolate or coffee and settle in cause there is a very good reason for the delay.

Not enough time spent in Bahia Santa Maria for sure, this was our second planned stop prior to Cabo, but our third in reality and we will add this on our must stop on the way back up the coast list. This is an anchorage with some fishing huts on the side of the mountain yep that’s all. We heard that a little further down there was a new hotel but we never saw it. The anchorage is huge and easy to anchor in, what a sight with 150+ boats anchored where usually there is nothing. The mountains had some green foliage from unseasonable recent rainfall and hikes to the top of the mountains were taken by many of the fleet. The water temp was pleasant for swimming and dinghy landing and there was some surf for the surfers in the croud, many of them even went to the point where there were larger breakers. Andrew stayed where the more manageable waves were but he is getting the hang of it, no pun intended. The inlet is shaped so there is a bit of an island between the shore and some mangrove type area with ocean creating a sort of river at the tide changes. When we went ashore we landed the dinghy on the beach and then hauled it about 100ft more in on the ‘island’. The tide was going out and we had to get to the next beach, by going through this ‘river’. We were helping friends of ours who had to row their dinghy due to engine problems and it was all the 5 of us could do to keep the boat heading for shore and not out to sea. Who needs a gym when you are hauling dinghys over sand and through the raging water!!
There was a beach party with food, drink (beer), and a live band. Seriously, there is nothing in this little area but they haul all this stuff over the mountain and make it happen for the Haha croud. Vollyball was set up on the beach as usual, dancing to the band, playing in the sand for the young at heart and getting some time to share our stories of the trip down the coast with our fellow cruisers. We got done early to rest for the agreed upon 0600 start time for Cabo.

The early hours gave us little air but before long we raised the spinnaker. Larry caught a 44″ dorado and I caught a smaller one. Andrew has so far filleted all my catches so this time I said I could take my watch (I was on), or he could fillet my fish. ‘I’ts OK, I’ll stay at the helm while you fillet your fish’. Well we ate my fish for dinner and despite my filleting it was great.
Night is falling and the winds are light, we had some conversation about leaving up the spinnaker at night. Our previous agreement had been that we don’t fly the spinnaker and we reef at least by one the main at night. Since we had another crew and 2 on at all time we elected to keep the jib and the main full, our point was downwind so to be able to stay on our track to Cabo we set up a wing on wing. Sailing with that configuration means hand steering and being alert!! I was adamant that if the helmsperson couldn’t be attentive to the wind then we would need to take it down. After 2 accidental jibes and breaking the traveler again we got it together. I think for now we have fixed our problem with the traveler, siezing wire works great when you don’t want pins comming out of shackels 🙂
What a magical night, almost full moon, breeze enough to sail about 5-6 knots, pretty calm seas and wing on wing, one of the best we have had yet. I didn’t take any medication and was fine the entire time. Hopefully I am getting used to the ‘normal’ motion of the boat in many different conditions. It helps being at anchor with the continual rolly motion as opposed to at the dock where there is almost none.
We got into Cabo about 5pm, decided to get a slip for a night even though it was 120. per night!! That isn’t really in our budget and to think that we were hesitating when it was 30 bucks in the states. Cabo is unusual, very costly as compared to the rest of Mexico and I am looking forward to some of the smaller, cheaper areas. Hopefully we got our moneys worth in water to wash the-salt encrusted, fish scale and fish bloodied boat. We ran out of water on the morning prior to getting to Cabo, thank goodness for that gallon of water we have lugged from Seattle. We now know how to conserve the Mexico way, we will not have access as we have in the past so using salt water for everything but final rinses will be the order of the day. Getting the water maker working has taken on a whole new importance.
Going to Costo now, will continue our Cabo experience later.


  1. Vicki, Larry, Andrew Congrats!!! You made it!
    I am proud and envious. I just happened to check you website thinking of you guys today and there you were. Now you can take some much needed and deserved R & R.
    Take care and Gods blessings to you all.
    Love Ron , Julie , Matt, Michael & Maria.

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