Posted by: vlbyers | December 21, 2009

Back on the Boat in PV, Merry Christmas

Notice:this is the 2nd of 2 posts both posted same day, read further down to the one dated 12-13

We spent the past week at a condo near La Cruz. It was nice to have the space to move around, a nice patio deck overlooking the ocean and beach. Air conditioning was a refreshing change, sometimes it was even too cold. We watched TV and some movies and had popcorn from the microwave, a treat we haven’t had for months!! We experienced one of the most awesome sunsets I have seen, I have inserted some pics for you to enjoy.The condo was nice but I am also happy to be back on the boat, back home.
La Cruz is a small Mexican town and we were happy to be able to help the local families by donating some little gifts for the kids and some clothing for the adults. That is what makes Christmas special. We will be back in the area after the first of the year as we have our tickets to Seattle leaving from Puerto Vallarta-it seems to be a convenient airport, and we will be leaving the boat here with Andrew for the time we are in Seattle. Larry is looking forward to spending some more time with the local cruisers when we return as there is much to offer in the music scene, jam sessions, open mic-lots of fun.
We left La Cruz anchorage for Puerto Vallarta, to be closer to town so we could re-provision easier as we are planning to be out at anchor for the next couple of weeks. Christmas is just around the corner and we have some friends that we have been buddy boating with for the past few weeks, since they are as close to family we would like to do something with them on Christmas. The bay here by Puerto Vallarta is known to be pretty dirty, it also has poisonous snakes which Larry and Andrew did see. Since swimming is one of the things that I love to do for exercise, that and biking, when we are at anchor we rarely take the bikes off of the boat so that leaves walking for exercise, which is hard for me to do for extended times. We are planning on having a Christmas dinner and I have bought presents for Larry and Andrew, since I am the big present lover, I also have some little things for Rita and Steve to make it festive. Last night when we got here to the marina, one of the first things was to put up the lights, the dock master and his helper were very impressed. So far we don’t have internet access, keys to the docks or showers or laundry so I am not very impressed with here, I hope it improves today as I am not inclined to spend the high cost of a slip without any benefit. Our friends arrived earlier than us and had to move 6 times, no power, no tie ups, wrong slip….frustrating for them I am sure.
Today we will spend getting things for Christmas dinner, we have plenty of water thanks to Larry and the watermaker which is working very well. We can clean up the boat one last time prior to heading out and if we are able to get everything done we could anchor out tonight and head south tomorrow. There are several anchorages that we could get to with a one day sail, Yelapa is a small anchorage just a few miles from here, and Bahia Chamela is a day sail from here and looks to be a beautiful place to spend Christmas. Our anniversary is in a couple of days too and as yet we don’t have plans for what we will do.
You all may be enjoying your winter in the form of rain, cold or snow and we are enjoying our winter here too. The evenings cool off to the point of needing a overshirt or a light jacket and the mornings are pretty cool also. Once the sun is up though it is very warm and the sun is hot. Water activities are in full swing here, yesterday Nueva Vallarta sponsored a ‘dine and dash’ sailboat race which 5 boats took part in. They sailed out of Nueva Vallarta to La Cruz, ate a late lunch and then sailed back to Nueva Vallarta. We met them at Philo’s in La Cruz where they ate lunch and they were having a good time.
Andrew met up with some friends and he took off to Saulitos, a little town north of La Cruz, last night to spend time with them. He is missing spending time with his own age group and needs more of that. He is considering getting a job teaching if he is able to get his teaching certificate, Mexico City is an option as is Puerto Vallarta since they are big cities. Hopefully it will work out that he will be able to go to Mexico City after Christmas for a week before we leave to check out the city and his options.
Merry Christmas to you all, we are off to Yelapa for the next day or so and then maybe down the coast to Bahia Chamela for Christmas. We are ready with all the fixins, turkey and all. Should be a great time. We will be back in the area around Puerto Vallarta for the new year and then until we leave for Seattle. Adios and Feliz Navidad to all.


  1. Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad. Hope you enjoy your trip back to Washington and congratulations on the new grandbaby.
    KC and Jan

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