Posted by: vlbyers | December 21, 2009

Taking a break

December 13, 2009
We had the good fortune of winning a week in a condo here in Puerto Vallarta last year. Little did we know we would have sailed here and be living on our boat when the time came up, but here we are. We sailed here from Isla Isabella, the paradise island with the nesting boobie and frigate birds. We hiked all around the island which was quite dense with shrubs and trees to find crater lake, awesome surf beating on the volcanic rock and then moving slowly across the tide pool area. Walking to the lighthouse we passed hundreds of birds, some with their babies then Andrew couldn’t resist climbing up the 40 ft lighthouse for a birds eye view.
We got back to the boat about noon and after eating some lunch it was time to cool off with a swim and snorkel to explore the bay. Rita, Andrew and I donned our gear and off we went, we found urchins, lots of colorful fish, trunk fish, a ray, a starfish and a small eel. After about 2hours we were getting a bit cold even though the water was in the 80’s so we headed back to the boat for a warm sun shower on the deck and a refreshing beverage.
We left paradise on Friday afternoon for an early morning arrival here . Since there wasn’t any wind we motored and made better time than expected, we were here at 0100. There was some tense time when during the night we had to pass between land and rocks which were only 5 miles apart. 5 miles sounds like a lot but in the dark it sure looks and feels less-close enough to run aground at least. Well we made it through the passage without any problems and were anchored in La Cruz by 0130. After making sure the anchor was holding we all got a good nights rest and woke up to survey the area since we weren’t able to see the night before. We are north of Puerta Vallarta by about 20 miles, the anchorage is large and now has about 20 other boats there. We spent a little time exploring the town of La Cruz while we were preparing to find our condo. The town of La Cruz is quaint and what I would expect in a small Mexican town, we had dinner at a little corner café and when we took a taxi the next day we found out that the owner of the café is the taxi drivers cousin, small town I guess. Andrew is staying on the boat and getting used to having the space to himself which he will be doing for all of Jan. and Feb. while we are in Seattle.
The condo we are staying in is a one bedroom with a kitchenette. Our balcony overlooks the ocean and the sounds of waves breaking lulls us to sleep. There are 2 pools for swimming, 2 for lounging and one for using the slides. We have taken advantage of the restaurant a few times but also have cooked in the condo to save money. We have the internet access and DVD player figured out so we are taking advantage of those opportunities. Microwave popcorn is a treat I haven’t had since leaving Seattle so I indulged today yummmmm. Oh and the bed, it is wider than it is long—we can actually roll over without falling out, oh and an actual shower, the conveniences of land living.


  1. Hello and Merry Christmas to Rocinante from the crew of Just a Minute!

    We are currently in Mazatlan and will be on the mainland side until April before heading back to the Sea of Cortez for our second summer there. We look forward to crossing paths with you folks upon your return. When not in Marina’s we regularily check into the Southbond and Amigo Nets on the SSB. So give us a shout if you hear us. Merry Christmas and Congratulations on your Grandbaby!

    Patrick, Laura and Jack

  2. Larry,
    Every Q of C that comes and goes leaves me greener and greener with envy. Jon Mass says the workload is becoming insurmountable. I hope you can provide me with a map so that I can find you and rescue you from your wandering ways. Perhaps a quick jibe before you can duck would help you come about and rediscover the many benefits of the Q of C experience.
    Come back soon; the snow is great!

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