Posted by: vlbyers | December 26, 2009

Dec. 25th, 2009

We pulled into Bahia Chamela on Christmas eve after a 15 hour sail from Yelapa. It was a trip where we saw dolphin, had a little uncomfortable swell from Cape Corrientes which made sleeping difficult during the journey, saw a whale breech as we were entering the bay and caught up with our friends on Lady J, all in all a very good trip.
After we got our anchor set and things tidied up we went over to our friends on Lady J to exchange stories as we had last seen them in Boca Tomatlan. They had wonderful stories to tell about Ipala, an anchorage we did not stop in. We told of our adventure in Yelapa with the hike to the waterfall and the great pizza on our anniversary. [Great pizza in Yelapa for anyone visiting!! Fish tacos were shared along with the stories and Larry led a jam session on his guitar with lots of Christmas tunes, of course his backup singers and percussionists were fabulous even if we didn’t remember the words.

Sunset at Chamela

River ride

The anchorage here is pretty, we are only in 20 feet of sand so not the risk of dragging we had at Boca, and quiet. Last night was a little rolly but after getting little sleep the night before we didn’t have any trouble dealing with it. A little exploring will be done today but since there is a turkey in the fridge we will make time to have a great Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. There are about 5 other sailboats here and one large power boat, from our vantage point that boat looked like a hotel.
It is just daybreak now and the air is cool but with the sun it will be plenty warm today. In a cruising guide we use they mention signs warning of the Crocodiles in this bay. I am looking forward to swimming but not until I find out about the Crocodile situation.
A Merry Christmas to all, be on the lookout for new pics soon.
Vicki, Larry and Andrew on S/V Rocinante having the adventure of a lifetime.


  1. Dear Skipper, and 1st & 2nd mates (- you sort that one out!)

    Merry Christmas!!

    I found the blog… Sounds like the fun is going quite strong – I hope your holidays were great fun, and that more is yet to come.
    I spent my holidays deep in snow (@ Lake Tahoe) much colder that your backyard…

    I have to catch-up on the blog reading but I’ll be current shortly.

    Best of luck and Happy sailing!

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