Posted by: vlbyers | January 15, 2010

A little Un-Sailing

Holiday Cheer on Rocinante

Our flight from Puerto Vallarta had a pit stop in Minneapolis where it was 08 degrees, I guess that was supposed to prepare us for the Seattle weather, make us feel good about ‘a little rain’. Well we arrived under rainy skies, ‘It has been sunny for the past 2 weeks”, my daughter says. Yeah right, we used to live here, we know the drill. The next day it was sunny for a few hours, since then we have had mostly rain and cloudy skies. All that doesn’t really matter because we are visiting with our beautiful family and wonderful friends.

Lauren and Jeff

Trying to pack light for the flight I only brought a few peices of clothing thinking that I should have some cold weather clothes packed in storage. It was a great feeling when we went through the boxes to find pants, shirts, jackets, boots and even a neck scarf. I should be set for the duration, unless of course the weather turns warm, I have nothing for that here!
Our daughter is full with baby and of course is beautiful as only a pregnant woman can be, only a few more weeks to go. So far our plan is working out, be here for the birth of our next grandbaby. We don’t know what we are having yet which has been a bit of a difficulty for them as almost everyone finds out the sex of the baby prior to the arrival here on earth. The preparations for the baby shower are well under way, another daughter and I are making the cake and of course adding in LOTS of side splitting laughs.

It is a BABY shower

The time it takes to make a cake is unbelieveable but part of the time has been spent teaching Bridgette some of what I know about baking, not much, but she flatters me by being very attentive when I show her something. Mostly we are learning together and having a great time. Maybe this makes up for having not taught her a thing about cooking when she was littler, am I forgiven? 🙂 She thinks she wants to go to cullinary school which I am actively supporting, she just has a real love to cook (I think that must come from me).

B's first dec job

Along with the fun we also have some business to take care of while we are here, I had a long list which had been started many months ago. As we thought of things we needed it went on the list, as we thought of things we couldn’t get or were very expensive in Mexico, it went on the list, and as we thought of things we needed but which were here in storage and wouldn’t have to buy, it went on the list as well as the many people we had to call while here. As you can imagine the list is pretty long, I am trying the new mentality that I have grown to like, get one major thing done per day and call it good. So far I feel pretty good about my accomplishments of course this time will fly by and before we know it we will be back on the boat, carrying the many things on the ‘list’.
Thankfully we have had access to a motor vehicle much of the time as it is not as easy, or as pleasant (rain) catching the bus here as it is in Mexico. Of course if we were off the main track in Mexico, as we are here it would be just as difficult, or maybe more so. Of course we are also enjoying the washer and dryer in the next room, the unlimited hot water, the stove which holds correct temp-there is actually a dial and the stove keeps it where you set it!! There is room in the kitchen here for at least 2 families, maybe 3 if they are small, I look around and picture my entire boat space in their kitchen alone. Isn’t it marvelous what can be done with a small boat, vehicle and house all in one.
One of the things we want to do while here with unlimited and easy access (read fast) to the internet is to look up the area of the Sea of Cortez and south of Puerto Vallarta as that is our next scheduled area to cruise and then down south of Mexico and the Panama Canal which we think we will transit in this next year.

Goofing off

We did have a great New Year’s Eve celebration. Andrew took off for Sayulito to spend a few days with his friends and have a bang up New Year’s eve away from the old folks. Larry and I went to the Puerto Vallarta Yacht club where we had a nice dinner and a band for entertainment. Of course Larry and I provided our own entertainment also. After the band finished at 11pm we headed to the beach to watch the fireworks and have the traditional New Year’s eve kiss-all in all a great way to ring in the new year.
We are all ready for this baby to announce it’s arrival. In the meantime we will pass the time catching up with friends and family, taking in the rain (it is nice to cuddle up by the fire with a warm cup of tea and a blanket or a partner) and work on whittling that list down to enable us to continue with our cruising plans. Hopefully we will make plans for some of our family to again visit us while we are in Mexico somewhere and we will have that to look forward to when we leave to return to the boat.
For now happy to be ?home?, Vicki and Larry


  1. Hey guys, we are here in Seattle until Feb 1st. We are planning a get together with the dock people next Saturday, maybe you two can make it!


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