Posted by: vlbyers | January 30, 2010

View from Priest Point

Being back in Seattle we realize how many friends we have and how many more we have made since cruising. Almost every day we are meeting up with someone,or taking care of business prior (why isn’t the list getting shorter??) to going back to Mexico. The life here is so very different from the cruising life and I am reminded daily of the differences. We are blessed with friends and family who have opened up their homes, offered their cars and hosted parties so we could get together with loved ones. With all of this of course comes the catch-‘honey where are the car keys?’, ‘Do you remember the code to the garage?’, ‘I think I forgot my toothbrush!’, ‘How do we set this alarm again??’. Oh how I love the navigation system in my daughters car-do we really forget that quickly how to get around what used to be our home?
I found myself awake very early one morning and as I reached for my bathrobe and slippers to keep the chill off I was reminded of where I was-not in warm sunny Mexico. My thoughts drifted back to the boat, to what has become our lifestyle, what surprisingly enough we have grown accostomed to in a few short months. Getting up after the sunrise, making a cup of coffee or tea and sitting in the cockpit with at most a long sleeved shirt to stave off the chill, looking around at the scene: the water usually pretty calm, the beach may have a few early birds out for a walk or jog, the other boats at anchor usually facing a different direction due to the wind shift during the night. Sometimes we see others in their cockpits doing similar activities getting ready for their day, if we are close enough we may have a friendly wave. The host of the cruisers net for the day, a Monday thru Saturday VHF radio program of sorts, greets everyone within range and asks all the cruisers to check in, we comply with our boat name as do the other cruisers in the area. This is a fun time as we often hear of some friends who have just arrived whom we may not have seen for awhile. There is an itinerary for the program each day including emergencies, new folks just arrived, anyone leaving and where they are going to, anyone needing assistance (this could include how to fix a diesel engine to where to find fresh fruit), special events going on, there is a swap meet of sorts where folks can swap or give away things they don’t need. Through these net programs cruisers have created a loose community where we are able to have connections similar to those we have left behind. Not only do we make and catch up with friends, we also are able to find out the lay of an unfamiliar land to make the experience of a new anchorage or area easier to enjoy.
We are still awaiting our new little one, mom is not too impatient and still just waiting for the day baby decides to be born. Today we are headed to the boat show-we won’t be spending much due to restraints of airline travel but it will be fun to hear some of the presentations, we are especially looking forward to Andy Turpin talking about the Baja Haha and the puddle jump. Until next time, Vicki

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