Posted by: vlbyers | February 5, 2010

The Wait Is Over

Rocinante has a brand new addition to the extended ‘crew’ list-Addison Evonne was born today at 0713 weighed in a respectable 8lbs2oz-definitely a keeper. Mom and baby are both healthy, beautiful and doing very well. The rest of the family will be recovering for a while-the champagne will be flowing and is a help with the aftereffects of the labor process 🙂
As we were getting ready to have the baby we heard the news of the weather that has been happening in Puerto Vallarta, reading the article on Lattitude there were recounts of many boats which struggled during the high winds and waves to assure their boats were safe. The stress level of the atmosphere was increased until we got the news that Rocinante and our son were both well and safe. Thankfully we left our boat in the very capable hands of Andrew who takes such great care of our home.
We attended the boat show on Wednesday and enjoyed many great speakers, also made some purchases needed on the boat-we now have two new collapsible buckets and a dolly to make transporting the other many things we take to and from much easier, especially for those who are doing the provisioning. The timing of attending the boat show was perfect as when we arrived home it was apparrent that we wouldn’t be going anywhere until we had a baby.
We now have 4 more weeks to enjoy this new family, spend time with friends and take every wonderful day as it comes-blessings to everone, we are certainly grateful to the wonderful ones we have!!


  1. Congratulations!!!

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