Posted by: vlbyers | February 8, 2010

Andrew and Rocinante unharmed

For the time we have been here in Seattle it has been comforting to know that our crew and son Andrew has the boat well in hand while down in Puerto Vallarta, actually more specifically in La Cruz anchorage just south of PV. During our stay Andrew has been keeping us up to date with his comings and goings pretty regularly, informing us of such wild weather as the water spouts which occurred slightly more than a week after we left. Generally we hear from him every week and sometimes more often.
Awaiting this new grandbaby and having internet (fast) available to us 24/7, a real treat (I think), we are able to keep up with mail, calendar events, business and articles regarding strange weather occurrances in other parts of the world-namely La Cruz, MX.!!!!
It was the morning of the 4th, we were anticipating the birth of the baby in the next day due to the early morning wake up announcing that the labor process was beginning. We were excited and of course we had the normal amount of concern desiring an easy labor and delivery and a healthy mom and baby. Although we tried to remain without concern for Andrew and Rocinante, it had been well over a week since we had heard from him. My motherly instincts told me that all was well and if there was anything wrong someone would have contacted us, after all we have many friends and contacts throughout the PV area and especially in the anchorage. We had communicated with many of those friends and had set Andrew up with a list of people he could ask for help if needed, of course we already knew he is a resourseful and responsible person. Andrew had begun working a little helping a friend out, we had given him chores to do on the boat and also extra projects if he desired to make a little money while we were gone. I assumed that he just was very busy with the additional responsibility-however the doubts started creeping in, what if he got in with the wrong croud, what if he was unable to contact us. Then I tried to keep reminding myself that if there was any cause for concern we would have heard. Maybe he simply took the boat somewhere for a few days and was out of internet reach. Larry, checking facebook regularly during the day, knew that he hadn’t updated his facebook for at least as long as we hadn’t heard from him, his Dad also hadn’t heard from him. Still I kept telling myself ‘Don’t worry, I’m sure all is well’.
As I said, we have started labor, Larry is on the computer-again-this time is more than concerned after coming across an article in Lattitudes which described the ’70 knot winds and 8 ft waves in Banderas Bay’-aka Puerto Vallarta and La Cruz. I was extremely concerned as I began reading the article that maybe he really wasn’t able to contact us, maybe something did happen. The article described many situations during the storm where boats were grounded and damaged besides many that had drug anchor. Lattitudes did a great job of naming the boats which had major incidences and Rocinante was not named in the article. This gave me a bit of comfort-I’m sure they would have named our boat if there was anything to report, therefore all must be fine, however we would all rest better if we had definite confirmation. We had tried to call several of our friends in the area and either were not able to reach them or they had returned to the states and were not in the area at the time.
The labor process continued throughout the day and our thoughts kept returning to our ‘home’ and son in Mexico. Thankfully later on that day we heard from Steve Bartels, Andrews dad that he had been in contact with Andrew and that he and the boat were well. Thanks to Steve’s comforting call we could continue on with the important business of having a baby without the additional stress of not knowing.
Later that day we did recieve an e-mail from Andrew. He recounted the events, ” I heard some reports of 75 and 80 kt. winds from cruizers in La Cruz. Rocinante drug anchor all the way across the anchorage. I think about 35 boats went into the marina, and many suffered moderate damage (collisions, torn headsails, shredded canvas, lost dinghies and other stuff.) Luckily Rocinante is fine. We only lost one of your cat litter buckets, one dodger window cover, and the mob signal pole broke in half somehow. Everything is calm now, and the sun has come out for the first time in a week”.
Of course we are here in the NW having what our friends have described as a ‘heat wave’ and our son is left to deal with water spouts and high winds and waves during a time of year where the weather is renouned for it’s stability. I’m sure we will have lots to share when we return, hopefully this has not encouraged him to jump ship for more dependable living conditions:) Never a dull moment.
Have I told the story of the ‘cat litter buckets?-you’re in for a treat-stay tuned.
Fairwinds Vicki and Larry and the most competent crew-Andrew

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