Posted by: vlbyers | February 23, 2010

Sunny in Seattle

All 5

Over the past few weeks we have been busy with renting our Condo (yeah) and settling finances prior to heading back to Mexico in only a few short weeks. Our critical list of ‘to do’s’ is actually getting shorter even though it seems that we still have much that is undone. There was some weather in PV a few weeks ago that caused the loss of a few items off the boat, one of those things lost was one of my homemade bike boxes. I have recycled plastic cat litter boxes that I made for transporting goods on my bike, this was done after many frustrating attempts to carry heavy bags

Bike Saddlebags

loaded with our provisions while riding a bike. I remember times when I would have to make several trips to the store to get a relatively small amount of stores or try to pile it all up on the rack only to have to re-arrange many times on the way back to the boat to prevent the bags from falling off. These trips proved to me that I would either end up with my groceries spilled all over the road or I would weave into traffic after being thrown off-balance by the bag, only to be taken out by the auto speeding past, neither of the options was appealing to me so a bit of ingenuity and containers that I would have thrown out became very handy bike bags.
Back to the story, OK one of the aforementioned ‘bags’ was lost in the storm so we have procured another from our daughter which we will fill with the odds and ends we have collected to take back to Mexico and we will check this just like a suitcase when we leave.
So many of our friends have been obsessed with our weight. Really,trying to convince you all that we haven’t lost so much weight as to be unhealthy or in need of hospitalization, that we are really fine, and we feel good, no amount of discussion would sway your position.

eating well

Through this concern many events have been scheduled for us, parties (read LOTS of food), fellowships with plates of (FOOD), and last but not least dinners with of course wonderful (FOOD). Now don’t get us wrong, we love all of you who we have been able to get together with, but really we are not wasting away (maybe I speak for myself as Larry did manage to lose some weight on our trip), and in fact I need to leave again to lose the weight I have surely gained while here. I refuse to get on a scale, my jeans tell the story quite well. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the picture!! (LOL this was actually a friend of ours in the BajaHaha).
This weekend was spent visiting with our family from the greater Seattle area, including Portland, Eugene Port Orchard. We sure appreciate the effort you all made to get here, we had another shower for Addison,

Isaac with Addison

(OK more FOOD?) which was really just an excuse to get together for fun. Playing various games including Wii, Darts, Pool and cards kept us entertained between the trips to the food island, and we even learned a new card game from our nephews Kamron and Daniel called Mao (sp?) Whew this was an intense game and seems to be all the rage with the young people so if you haven’t played it, find a teen and ask them to share this experience with you. I am sure you will find lots of laughs, a little frustration and you might even end up with a headache from thinking too hard, but try it anyway. Vicki-Marks new girlfriend-gave us haircuts so we will go back to Mexico with the best style and also gave us a lesson on how to make sushi rolls.

Sushi yum yum

Andrew and I had made an pretty good attempt while on the boat, actually borne from the need to find some other way to use the fish, but like so many things she showed us some great tricks that make it much easier. She also left us some of the bamboo rollers and some great (HOT) powdered wasabi to take back with us. I look forward to perfecting the sushi process when we return, that means we will need to have some luck in the fishing department.
So thank you all for the great times we have had, thank you for allowing us to share our story with you. You have listened and looked at our pictures and videos with what appeared to be rapt attention and we thank you for that. It is enjoyable to be able to share our lives with you and we all know that as interested as you are endless sunset pictures can and do get boring. The times we have had shared here have been so wonderful, we have been replenished with your hospitality and friendship (one thing that can’t be replaced and what we find missing many times while we are away) and we leave with our tanks full to the brim and ready for other adventures.
P.S. Whoever ordered up this weather while we have been here THANK YOU. We won’t be held responsible for the rest of the winter here but look on the bright side, you can log in any time to see some wonderful pics of the warm weather we will be enjoying and close your eyes, it will be almost like you are there.
Until next time, Vicki


  1. It was a very special evening at our home with such dear friends. Thanks for making yesterday so fun and memorable. Larry, you are a great griller!

    Korean Broiled Flank Steak

    1 scored flank steak

    3 Tbsp sesame seeds
    1/4 cup salad oil
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    2 cloves garlic, crushed
    1/2 tsp black pepper
    1 tsp (or more to taste) fresh minced ginger
    1/4 c brown sugar
    2 green onions, sliced

    Marinate overnight. I use 1 gal freezer bag and turn every now and then.

    (you can also make up several bags to freeze for later meals)

    By the way, lovely family pictures and story well told of all your adventures. Someday I hope we join you for an experience on Rocinante.

    Love, Kathy

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