Posted by: vlbyers | March 11, 2010

March 6, ready for PV

March 6, 2010-posted 3/11/10
Well we are finishing up the few last days here in NW. We took a short train trip to Dave and Valenas, spent the time playing DDR (dance dance revolution), walking, talking cooking and eating, we even got to watch a movie Yes Man. It was a short trip but we packed lots into the day. Today we will head to Portland to meet up with my dad for a few hours and then back to Seattle. I was able to buy some still needed things at the dollar store and Larry would like to stop by the marine store to get some supplies while we have the no tax advantage.
One of the fun things we did was a ‘baby belly cast’ while Lauren still had Addison inside. I haven’ seen the finished product yet, she will paint and decorate it with some fun things, but it certainly was a different experience. There is a kit with rolled up pre-impregnated strips that you wet and apply to the belly and surrounding areas. I am sure the model thought it was weirder than I did. Of course Daphne was in on the act as well.
Sunny here in St Helens but cold, slept on a blow up mattress and it was a little chilly despite several blankets. Looking forward to the warmer weather back in PV.
That’s it for now, Vicki


  1. Larry and Vicki
    Hi to all the travelers, some by water and some by air. Sent a e-mail to Julie today but thought I might double check to see if it got there. A question of the designer of your sailboat?
    Hope all is well
    Jim Willie

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