Posted by: vlbyers | March 17, 2010

Acclimating to boatlife

I did not anticipate such a big adaptation after being off of the boat for such a long time, getting into the dinghy, overloaded with all of our stuff and 3 people since Andrew met us at the airport to help with baggage, was an adventure for sure. At the boat I was surprised at the movement and how unaccostomed I was to it-it took me several days to get my ‘sea legs’ back and not be tossed into walls and furniture all day long.
Of course the weather is wonderful, even better than I expected. Warm but not too hot days in the 80s, and cooling off nicely at night even enough to reach for that long sleeved shirt. We spent most of Tuesday shopping for food since both the fridge and freezer were totally devoid of anything edible, as were most of the cupboards, ah… I had a clean slate to start with. Since there was so little food I took the opportunity to inventory all we had so duplication was less likely. Not sure if I will be able to keep up the tally but it is nice to know where everything’s at.
The other part of the day was spent stowing the items we came down with, the new supplies and cleaning the boat getting ready for our friends who would be here on Wednesday. Amazingly enough I did find space for all the new ‘can’t live without it’ stuff. The fridge and freezer are now replenished, Andrew cleaned out his bunk so our friends would have a spot, and we are now here in Puerto Vallarta marina.
Staying in the marina would give us a chance to pick up our friends and save them a costly taxi ride to La Cruz, enable them to get used to the boat in a relatively stable situation and allow us to walk the marina and enjoy the stores and restaurants

Jammin on the boat

nearby-we will also need to make a run to Wal-Mart which is also very close for some essentials, beer and rum to name a few. The downside to the marina is there isn’t much air movement and last night all the fans were running full speed to help us sleep. We had a great dinner at a restaurant that included everything from appetizers to dessert with some Tequila thrown in too. The place was packed and we had a fun time listening to the mariachi band entertaining the guests. From there we strolled down the walkway toward our dock and found the El Paro Bar. It is located at the top of the very conspicuous lighthouse at the marina. Andrew was treated to some birthday celebration here and said it was worth the trip up to see the view. As per our usual habit, I started out climbing the stairs. Little did I know that the stairs wound around the inside of the lighthouse probably 5 stories high, to the top. Once we started of course.
After we all get going, make our trip to the store, take showers and do our morning duties:) we will head back to La Cruz to pick up our propane bottles. Yesterday they were dropped off at the marina and were returned full for us. Andrew pointed out the last time we filled our bottles was in San Diego, 4 1/2 months ago! Pretty good for keeping the cost of our utilities down I think.
From La Cruz we will head over to Yelapa with our friends to spend the night there.

Jim and Julie at the Waterfall

This is one of our favorite spots here in the Banderas Bay and it is a great sail of about 4 hours from here so perfect for our friends first time out here on our boat. Andrew said the ‘Tres Marietas’ was a good place also, he visited a few weeks ago with some friends for the day. Maybe we will have time to head over there while Jim and Julie are here.
I will add pictures as I get them downloaded and as internet connections allow-Adios for now Vicki

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