Posted by: vlbyers | March 17, 2010

Back online in La Cruz

Our friends left for the states today-it was sad to see them go for sure but we certainly packed in a bunch while they were here.
Our trip to Yelapa was punctuated by Jim catching the biggest fish for the boat so far. It was a Toro which we had never seen or caught before but it tastes like steak after it is cooked. What a treat, we still have some left on the boat which we will be enjoying tonight.

Jim with his Toro

The catching of this fish put our arrival at Yelapa out another 45 minutes, there were times during this fight when we doubted that this fish was going to be caught, but Jim prevailed. Unfortunately this additional time only made Julie and Vicki feel worse in the choppy water-we recovered by taking a nap and letting the ‘boys’ continue their party on land till the wee hours.

Cooking dinner

Yelapa restaurant

The next day the girls were fully recovered and after a nice breakfast we headed to town and to the waterfalls. Walking in this little village is such a fun experience and I don’t think I could ever tire of seeing all the people, the small shops and the folliage colored with the brillant flowers. Hearing the birds talking and seeing the huge palm fronds makes me feel that I am in the jungle.
Thankfully someone had a great idea 🙂 to stop for some lunch prior to heading to the waterfall. I had inherited a cute friend (see all the pics) who followed us both up and back and frolicked in the waterfalls, it was sad to say goodbye to ‘Perro’ (we didn’t know her name) at the end of the day but Larry said ‘absolutely not’ to my request for a boat dog. I feel good in that I bought her some food for treats and almost had her fetching by the end of the day.

'Perro' friend

With our exercise done for the day we wandered back to the town, most of the bars start closing down fairly early,5-6 pm so we were able to have a beer at a small family owned restaurant while they were finishing up their dinner. It felt good to sit and relax for awhile, Julie and I both needed a good stretch. Dinner was at the yacht club and then we retired to the boat for an early night.

Villa at Bucerias

The ride back to La Cruz was devoid of wind and with this brought calmer seas and no wave action. We got to the anchorage in plenty of time to catch a bus to Bucerias to meet up with Jim’s sister and stay at the villa of your dreams for several nights. This was heaven, right on the beach and a huge pool. The main villa has 6+ bedrooms, there are also 2 other smaller villas and a bachelor apt. We certainly felt like royalty, the staff cooked and cleaned for us and we were the only ones staying at the whole villa most of our stay.

Julie, Sheila and Vicki by the pool

My first stop upon arrival to the villa was at the shower-I’m sure you are all surprised. The second was a jump in the pool. It was a packed 3 days worth of sitting by the pool, being served breakfast, lunch and dinner, walks along the beach, oh and of course someone had to volunteer to make the long ‘trek’ (less than 2 blocks)to the store for refreshments. Larry brought along his guitar and we had a night of music followed by a rousing game of cards where we were soundly whipped by Julie.

Jim, Larry, Vicki, Sheila and Julie

The last night was spent at Brittania, a restaurant/bar where they have a jam session every week for musicians. Larry has played there several times and it proved to be another fun time with some talented guys. We have talked about the lack of females on the stage so I will work on some vocals to add to the mix and who knows maybe a tune or 2 on my recorder.
Back in La Cruz after seeing our friends off in the taxi headed to the airport this morning brings us back to the really important things we needed to do, laundry and updating the blog since we have a great internet connection here at Philo’s. Lauren, Jeff and Addison were able to set up a video chat when we got here too, it was great to see all of them and talk about their plans to visit in the fall-it’s just around the corner.
We have been invited to crew on a 65 ft catamaran during one of the races this week here in the PV area-if I am able I will post an account and some great pics of the winning boat:)
Happy St. Patricks day to you all, Adios from La Cruz Vicki


  1. On a scale of 1-10 our vacation was a 20+! For those of you invited to go for a visit, you won’t have any regrets- we are so thankful and feel so blessed- Thanks Captain Lar and First Mate Vic (and skipper Andrew) for your generosity, love and laughter!

  2. Wow,you 2 are amazing! I am kathy Jelsings sister.We live on
    Maui. I was telling Kathy we were going to La Paz ,Baja this May so she told me about your adventure sailing the world!she knew you were in The sea of cortez,but not sure where. I see you are in the Puerta Vallarta area.If you are headed at all to the other side of the Sea of Cortez in May ,let us know ,we would love to meet you!

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