Posted by: vlbyers | March 23, 2010

Boat work in La Cruz

At the moment we are in the Marina at La Cruz, spending a few nights cleaning all the salt off the boat in anticipation for replacing the teak caulking on our deck. The internet connection has been challenging but thankfully my friend Dave stopped by and clicked a few keys on my computer and viola it is working like mad.
We spent last Thursday, Friday and Saturday racing on (same) friend Dave’s catamaran in the Puerto Vallarta Regatta, the 15th annual but the first for us and for our friend. We had a crew of at least 10 with mony other supporters and we needed every one of them. The first day was a huge learning curve for me, new boat, catamaran and new people all meant that we flubbed up quite a bit. Well by the 2nd day, we rested that first night as you can imagine after the exertion the wind and sun, and we were tacking and jybing like you have never seen!! We still did manage to get the spinnaker wrapped around itself and the halyard wrapped around something high on the mast but suffered no major setbacks. The third day we were in our stride, the wind was right and we came in ahead of our friends on Rotcat!! We finished 5th in the division, about middle in the pack of 10 boats in our class and celebrated by attending the awards ceremony. All in all it was a great experience, now back to the boat work in store.
The teak on our deck is put together using a black caulking material in between the boards, some of you may be familiar with this, but it is like tile and grout, the caulk being the grout. All of the caulking material is old and falling out which means water can seep under the deck and create problems if it is not corrected. Hopefully it hasn’t done that already. In order to start, the deck has to be super clean, free from any salt (very difficult when waves splash and the wind blows sea water on the deck), but we are doing our best to get it completely free of salt and grime prior to scraping the caulking out, cleaning inside the tracks and then replacing the caulk. This whole process needs to be done with the deck as dry as possible. We are at the marina now but will be going back to the anchorage tomorrow to complete the rest of the project, providing all goes well we should be done in about 2-3 weeks, possibly less if we don’t run into any additional problems—ha that never happens.
The weather has been cooperating, mid to low 80s but 80+ humidity and rising. I am getting a real vision of why they have siestas here in Mexico, get up early get in a few hours of work when it is still reasonable and then hit it again in the evening before it is dark as the temperature begins to drop and there is shade to be found. Today the breeze is blowing so it is quite comfortable, there are some fluffy clouds which help keep the temperature down also.
We have taken advantage of the marina showers while we are here, I will do some of our laundry also on the boat, the rest we will take into town to the senorita who washes, dries and folds our clothes all for about the same price as going to a laundromat, and she is much closer. Yesterday I made the long trek to the Mega, like a Fred Meyer, for some reprovisioning. The cart we bought from West Marine is working pretty well but since it is more like a dolly than an enclosed cart, balancing 3 bags of groceries is challenging. I am sure people get a kick out of watching me bringing my bagged groceries outside of the entrance, removing all of them and repacking to fit on my cart, then bungie cording the whole thing together hoping the bread survives the trip to the boat. The bread survived!!


  1. Just wanted to say hi. It sounds like all of you are adapting back to the boat life. Jeanna and I are heading off to the “Taste of Washington” today down at Quest field. We will have a glass of wine for you!. We miss you and hope to see you in the near future. All is well on our side of things.


  2. Larry – What a grand adventure! It was great seeing you at Rotary. As I mentioned then, I’m coming to Puerto Vallarta and hope to connect with you when I’m there. Email me and lets see what we can work out.

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