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Boat work and singing debut in La Cruz

Blog Entry 3-30-10
Well hopefully I get this posted to the website today, I am sitting in the cockpit, it is 0730, the sun is up and bright but not too warm and the birds have started their calling sounds. There aren’t just gulls but the sounds of more tropical birds of which I don’t know their names but I know there are a lot of parrots around. I love the sound of the birds especially in the morning. Last night I tried to write but it was too late, then internet was a little fluky and then we got kicked out of the yacht club, I guess it was 10:30 or so. So much has happened in the past week it is difficult to write it all down.
It started last week, I have always loved to sing and I even took voice lessons for about a year at one time if only to improve my voice for myself. I have to admit to having the dream of being a famous singer and to be able to sing in a band at some time, but the fear of getting up in front of a crowd usually overrode the desire, the only karaoke I ever did was in the privacy of my own home, or with my work buddies at our retreat-that was fun.
Here in La Cruz there is a large musician base and several places where they offer an open mike night so Larry has been doing some playing as often as he is able, in fact he has been playing more regularly than he had been at home. It is exciting for him to have this opportunity and he likes the variety of people that he gets to play with. He mentioned last week that I should sing a few songs, he has been saying this for a while but I always had an excuse, like I needed the words so I wouldn’t have one of those brain farts and make a fool out of myself and him. Well we began practicing in earnest and set a date that I would do the songs. I was a nervous wreck before it was time to go onstage but I didn’t back out. I sang Dreams and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac-I had my words but wasn’t able to really look at them so I did mix up some words, hopefully no one noticed. After I was done the croud did applaud quite enthusiastically–it was a thrill.
So my big debut as a singer has happened, since then I have sung with several bands in all 3 of the venues and each time I have had more confidence-look out world! Now comes the task of getting more songs added to my repertoire and continuing to work on my voice. I really have a great time even if I just sit in with the band and do a little back up vocal or some percussion. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to insert, a friend did take some but she has one of those old fashioned cameras with film??!!
We pulled into the marina last week on the 24th to begin some boat repair and maintenance. The time we allotted ourselves was about 1 month and so far we are on schedule. The two big projects are the deck caulking and the varnish on the outside teak. There isn’t much teak really comparatively speaking, the toe rail (the piece of wood that goes all around the boat on the side of the deck) the handrails on the cabin and the little decorative strip that runs on the cabin top. Andrew worked hard on the handrails and completed them last week, immediately we found the covers that we had for them and put them on. So you say what’s the use of doing the varnish if we cover it up? Yeah I know but while we are at the dock that’s what we will do, if it will make it last longer I am all for it.
The deck caulking we have made good strides with, all the caulk is out of the seams which was a 5 day project with all 3 of us working on it. Granted there are not a lot of hours to work. Usually we begin about 9 or 9:30 after the dew has evaporated, then work until 11 or so and have something to eat, then we go at it again until about 1:30 or so if it isn’t too hot. The past few days have been quite windy so it has been cooler and pleasant even in the sun. Finally we have gotten smart and cover the deck in the night, especially the side in the shade. Our next chore will be to take out the deck screws and re-bed them and then put the teak plugs on top. We have about 50 screws in the deck which need to be re-bedded. Yikes!!
We have been spending some time with friends here, especially Dave and Mai from Dolce Vita. They are such fun and good people, Dave and Larry have a great time and both play guitar so they have been working on some practice stuff. They managed to get a paying gig this Sunday! We won’t get rich off of it but every little bit helps, it will pay for one of our nights in the marina. Mai and I hang out and talk; she is Vietnamese and shares some of her stories about Vietnam with me. When we visited a few days ago they provided us with a lunch of spring rolls where we each assembled our own. What a treat-and nutritious too. Unfortunately they will be leaving for the Bay area in a week or so. Many of our other friends will be leaving in the next days to weeks bound for the Marquesas-I guess it will be time for us to move on also.
I am getting a bit antsy, we have been back for over 3 weeks and we are still in the same spot. We hear of people who came for a week 3, 5 and even 10 years ago. Many of the places we have been have the same stories about people who came and stayed and there have been some great places for sure. I guess I am just not there yet, not ready to settle in any one place, We reconnected with our friends on The Elysium and we will make plans with them to go south in the fall to Costa Rica-that will be something to look forward to for sure. I took out my charts and cruising book yesterday and started looking at the sea of Cortez getting some ideas for cruising north when we are done with the boat work. This will be an exciting journey for Larry and I since Andrew will have gone back to the states at that time. He leaves here on the 7th going to Guadalajara and then on to San Francisco and Seattle. We will certainly miss him, he has been fun and helpful, even invaluable at times, to have around—I also realized that we are cutting in half the chefs aboard, but we have already started to make plans for his cabin!!! It will be a sad parting but he has had a great adventure and is excited to start another with his career and life on his own in Seattle.


  1. Sounds like you have fully settled into cruising lifestyle.
    Your friends at AYC keeping an eye on you.
    Nicole is now a vice-commodore.
    Fair winds!

    Henry and Nicole

  2. Just been catching up on your blog here:) It’s good that you got so much done while Andrew was still aboard, but sad that he’s left the boat:( Any empty nest syndrome recurring? Good for you Mom, on facing your fear and singing up there in front of all those crowds! I’m excited for you. It’s always good to grow:) Love and miss you guys – be safe!

  3. You have fulfilled my fantasy. I’ve always imagined it would be fun to sing on stage although have a phobia that keeps me from doing it. Congratulations! Did the earthquake cause a stir down there?

  4. Vicki, wow what an adventure you are on. I am so jealous. It must be just remarkable. Very unlike work, work work and more work here for me!
    Keep having fun!

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