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Internet down, Andrew leaves, Boat work-happy reading

Delay in the action
Thursday, April 8, 2010
Let’s see, where did I leave off last time, oh yes it was Larry’s Birthday and the next day we were headed to do an excursion with Vallarta Adventures and a zip line tour.
So I thought I made a reservation for the following day for an outdoor tour which included zip lining, a jeep ride, a donkey ride and rappelling down waterfalls. We got up bright and early (0600) early for us not working folks, and after packing up and eating some breakfast we hopped on a bus and headed to Nuevo Vallarta for our adventure. Well we got to the meeting place right on time, despite some difficulties with the bus system, and found out that I had not booked the correct tour-good news is we were able to reschedule the tour for another day, ended up going into Puerto Vallarta and spending the day bumming around the town, seeing parts that we had not seen before. We walked down the malecon, strolled through some artsy part of the town and through some beautiful gardens, along the river and looked at many shops along the way.(I haven’t downloaded these pics yet and since my challenge with the internet I wanted to get this posted in my window of opportunity-I will post some pics next time)
The funny thing about the mixup is that had I not booked the wrong tour(turns out there wasn’t room on the right one) we wouldn’t have gone into PV, ending the day shopping and Andrew wouldn’t have run into a friend, which caused him to extend his time here, and we wouldn’t have ended up going on the tour at all—convoluted I am sure on your end but it all worked out really well on our end, doesn’t it usually?
So we went on this fabulous tour, did our zip lines, Larry even had a blast. It was a very fun day, we hiked, zipped, rode the donkeys, rappelled down waterfalls, got dunked in ‘refreshing’ pools of water and all in all had a great time. The guides were very friendly, safe and competent and I would recommend it for anyone who comes to visit. Vallarta Adventures.
Friday-April 8th
We worked on the boat for the time we could, during the coolest part of the day, Andrew worked on making his box to send his bike and then went into town to try to ship it. When he went to the post office the largest size they could send was 40 inches, the box was 46!!! There was no way he could have made it any smaller since that is the size of the bike, but it was a little discouraging to have hauled the bike, by bus and walking several miles to the next town to be told that he couldn’t send it and the DHL office only accepts packages until 1pm, it was now 2pm. Well we hauled the box back to the boat, Andrew would have to get up early and haul the box to Puerto Vallarta the next morning in order to be back to meet his bus to Guadalajara at 1pm. This was the last night he would spend on the boat for a while.
Saturday, April 10, 2010
Andrew was able to get his bike shipped to the states and for a pretty penny too, will probably be the last time he ships stuff. Note to self: ask a friend returning to the states to add additional bag and pay for it, cheaper than shipping!! He packed up all the rest of his stuff, well except for ½ shelf of books, a large comforter, some clothes he didn’t want, his offshore gear, some clothes he may use when he comes back to the boat, a half used bottle of cologne, a used toothbrush, a bag of dirty clothes and sheets, some magazines he said I should read and some other stuff. They are always our children I guess.
We walked him to the bus stop in the next town, unfortunately he had missed his original booking time so had to wait for the next available bus, which gave us some time to walk to a nearby restaurant to have a bite to eat. We had some good laughs about the times we had and said too many times that we would miss him on the boat and that he would be missing us as soon as he returned to the states. Well the time came we had to say our sad goodbyes(he was probably wondering when we would get the _____out of there and leave him to his space. Really he will be missed and we did have an incredible adventure, one none of us will soon forget.
After dropping Andrew at the bus we continued into PV to go to a marine store, but of course this is Mexico and in the middle of the day the shops close cause it is too hot to do anything. We went to an internet café we know of in the marina, splurged on an iced coffee and used the internet. After getting our fill of being connected we made our way to Home Depot, we also had a list to get from there. Walking into the store we were greated by a wonderful ice cold breeze from their air conditioner-so refreshing. We wandered around getting our necessities, taking longer than necessary-why should we hurry? As we were meandering a conversation came into our minds about the heat in the summer in the sea of cortez and how these folks bought an air conditioner to be able to tolerate it. Funny how we then found ourselves in front of the air conditioning section looking at the prices and wondering, wondering. At this time we don’t have the money to afford this, not sure where we would put it when in use much less when not in use, and willing to just see how things pan out, maybe a floatee or an inflatable something or another to keep us in the water but not waterlogged.
So Saturday night was our first night on the boat alone just Larry and I since we left Seattle in August, we had some hamburgers and just chilled out, wondering what to do with our new found space, and readying ourselves for the next day of work on the boat.
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Larry has been steadily working on replacing the screws and the bungs (the pieces of wood that cover the screw) in the deck. I worked on putting in the caulk for about 1/3 of the deck. I am sure hoping that we only have about another week and we will be done. The difficulty is that after about 11 am it is too hot to do anything, so that means waiting until the sun gets lower in the sky, then we have about another 2 hours. Tomorrow I go to the dentist, oh did I forget to mention that I broke a tooth? We were at the cruise terminal waiting for our boat that would take us to the outdoor adventure and since it would be about 5 hours until we got something to eat I ordered quesadillas, innocent enough one would think. I was about half way through and I crunched into a large piece of bone, chicken bone, which cracked my tooth. It felt like it cracked it in half at first, no part of my tooth came off, it was too big of a piece and it broke off under the gumline so for some reason it just stayed in place. Thank goodness I didn’t experience any pain and was able to participate in the adventure. So tomorrow I will get the verdict of the dentist.
Tonight I was able to sing with the band again at Anna Banana’s, a funky little restaurant/bar in La Cruz with awesome owners and an open mike portion for us brave folks. My last singing attempt was not very good, I got off on the wrong ‘note’ and just was not able to recover until the last verse. Larry was understanding and consoling saying ‘it happens to everyone’ and just shake it off, but it was a blow for me, I was already self conscious and this didn’t help my confidence at all. Tonight was my opportunity to make it better, I thought about backing out but Larry asked if I was going to sing and I said that I would, knowing that I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I didn’t. Singing Dreams and Bobby McGee I did very well. All I need to do is keep on practicing and taking the chances when they are offered to sing in front of a crowd. I am glad I got back up on the horse.
April 12, 2010
Larry has been very fortunate to be getting some gigs here in town, amazing but not really as he is a really good guitar player and singer. He has even been asked to step in with the regular band at Banana’s for the next few weeks, and now since my visit to the dentist with the verdict of needing a crown on the tooth I broke and that it will take about 3 weeks, possibly more, we will be here a little longer than anticipated. That’s actually not a bad thing as I have promised to work on some hatch covers for a friend of ours and would like to make repairs to our sail while at the dock.
This morning I got a little more done on the deck, I estimate I am about ¼ through. Larry has filled all the holes and replaced all the bungs, made repairs to the cockpit seat where some large object crashed onto it and broke off a piece of the fiberglass, now it looks almost as good as new. It is a breezy day and the heat is not too overbearing as it was yesterday so I think after I post this to the web, if I get connected, I will continue doing another section of the deck before it gets dark.
From our cockpit in La Cruz, under a clear sky with very little breeze-beautiful morning,
Vicki and Larry


  1. Your adventure just gets better and better!

    Sorry to hear about your tooth, but I’ve heard that dental care in Mexico is both good and affordable!

    The gigs sound like a lot of fun and your day by day routine sounds even better. Wish you were here – Tim misses Larry’s guitar and has even had a few requests for gigs that would have been great with Larry – but we know you’re having a great time where you are.

    Love to you both!

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