Posted by: vlbyers | April 24, 2010

A Break from Boat Work and Sailing once again

Lounging on the beach

Captain Larry

We were at the tail end of our work when our friends from The Elysium offered to take us and some other friends of theirs to Yelapa on their beautiful power boat for the day. Well, we are not ‘all work and no play’ so we couldn’t refuse. They were in the anchorage at La Cruz so they picked us up in their dinghy and ferryed us out to their 68 ft boat. Once we were aboard we went to Muertos beach to pick up the other people and then to Yelapa. Our first stop was to the beach getting some comfy chairs and shade, we did have a long ride to recover from:) We took the short hike to the waterfall and then a hike around the point. Heading back to Puerto Vallarta later in the day we planned to take the bus back to La Cruz but ended up going out to dinner and then staying on the boat for the night. I slept on the bridge under the stars and it was one of the greatest nights sleeping I have had in a long time, despite the firm pads.

Louise and Larry

Our 2 Skipjack

Our friend Louise arrived none too soon. We finished up with the deck work the day prior to her arrival and were able to get the boat cleaned and back in ship shape condition. Louise was brave enough to take the bus from Puerto Vallarta to La Cruz where we met her at the bus stop, toured the town a bit, went to the fish market where we picked up some fresh shrimp for our lunch and headed to the boat for a little sail. It promised to be a nice day, a little wind but not too much for our friends sail. We headed out to Tres Marietas but since we got a late start were not able to drop the anchor to swim or snorkle. We got a great view of the islands and Larry and I plan to stop on our way out of town. On our way back we caught 2 skipjack-which on our fish identifier said they were tuna-we were ecstatic as these were the first fish we had caught in months. After a great day of sailing we decided to head back to La Cruz instead of going to Puerto Vallarta, and throw the fish on the BBQ for a nice dinner on the boat. Louise got to spend the night on the boat with us since after dinner it would have been too late to catch the bus back to PV.
The fish turned out OK, Larry didn’t like it at all, we found out that it usually is a bait fish. Oh well, we’ll try anything once.
We are now anticipating our departure from La Cruz. With the major project under our belt and only a few small ones left to do before we leave we are now listening to the weather every day to know what the pattern will be for the next week or so. I am getting my crown (tooth not head) next Monday and then we should be ready to head out providing the weather cooperates. I am looking forward to heading to the sea and seeing sights that we haven’t seen in addition to some old friends that have already left for the Sea of Cortez.
There should be some more exciting news in the next few weeks and months to report on-new anchorages and beautiful sightings and hopefully not too exciting sailing in store for now what is a double handed boat, minus our 3rd crew. Larry and I will have to learn to sail the boat all over again on our own-Thankfully Louise volunteered to be our guinnea pig-our first guest aboard since Andrew left, and she survived!! There’s hope for us.

Until next time Vicki


  1. I’m back into the world of living. I got back last week from the Mojave desert ride with Sno. He did awesome and I was very well prepared for trotting 3/4 of the time going 120 miles in 6 days (one day off in the middle-thank god-for rest). Mom and Anna were with me and we enjoyed our “girls-only” time, immensely.

    After finishing in Laughlin, we all traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate Steve’s 50th birthday! I decided to surpised him with an indoor skydiving experience (since he refused to ever jump out of a perfectly functional plane on his own). He was very fun to watch as he realized what this experiece meant. We also went to a dualing piano bar and had loads fo fun! Steve went on to Indianapolis for a conferent and I drove back to Seattle with the horses.

    Back to reality…work…rain…(although today turned out to be partly cloudy, probably in the 60’s), etc.

    It sounds like you’ve been working hard on the boat. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in the future…we have every condfidence that you and Larry will be fine on your own…though, maybe a little sleep deprived…

    All our love, Steve and Jeanna

  2. Sounds like you are having a really good time. Thanks for letting us live vicariously though you. 🙂

  3. I think you deserve a Queen Bee Crown! I love your blog! Steve is in Guyamus and has the boat out of the water (which he doesn’t like) and will be home tomorrow eve. Big hugs and I’ll be reading! Rita

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