Posted by: vlbyers | April 24, 2010

Promised Pictures

Here are the pictures that I promised to post. We took our ziplining trip, those are the first pictures. The trip was through Vallarta Adventures, the company was very competent and lots of fun. We met at the cruise terminal in Puerto Vallarta where we boarded a large inflatable and went to Boca Tomatlan. From there we took the jeep for about a half hour ride up the mountain partly paved, partly dirt road to the donkeys. Then our donkey ride was about a half hour up some very steep but beautiful scenery to the start of the Ziplines. Our donkey ride is what you would expect from the typical horseback riding adventure-donkeys that don’t really want to go anywhere but back home! We have referred to this area of PV as a jungle but we were informed that it is actually sup-tropical forest. Forests typically have a canopy of trees which block the majority of sunlight not allowing low growing plants and shrubs to grow, jungles, not having the canopy of trees have many more shrubs and plants making the land difficult to navigate. We had about 8 ziplines of differing lengths and heights above the ground, 2 repelling opportunities, one down a waterfall, and quite a bit of hiking. We don’t have any pics of the actual ziplining because they don’t allow cameras on the trip, although they do sell the pictures that are taken by the guides, which we didn’t buy. We all had a great time and will have to remember the trip on our own internal hard drives!
The next set of pictures is from our trip to old town, the first trip Larry and I had taken into PV since we have been here. The sand castles were in process when we passed by, they are amazing artists and create some great sculptures.
Larry was asked to sit in with the band that came down from San Francisco for a week. They were all very good players and he enjoyed the times they played together.
These were the last few days that Andrew was here prior to heading back to Seattle, we hope he had a great sendoff.
The last pics are of working on the teak deck, taping of all the seams where the caulk goes had to happen on the entire boat(not to mention cleaning out the seams from the old caulk), then the finished product-it really does look great but more important than that will keep out the water and prevent rot on and under the deck.
Enjoy, Vicki

Our Carriage to the Zip lines

Part of the Adventure, paved

traveling to the Vallarta Adventure

hmmm, is this the 4th or the 5th sample

Backrub anyone?

Sand sculptures along malecon

Suspension bridge Puerta Vallarta

Vicki, Larry and Andrew 'Cool tree'

Our donkeys await


  1. Great pictures -wonderful to see the sights with you. wishing you smooth sailing and continued memmorable adventures…..

  2. Hey great photos! Wish I could be there – this is an experience most never have. Andrew is one lucky kid! What were the samples of??

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