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Sayulita, Zoo and back to Anchorage

Pretty resort gate

Iguanna in Tree

Sunday April 25, 2010 Trip to Sayulita Hearing that this was a quaint, colorful surfing town which is laid back with lots of young people choosing to live and play here made us very eager to make a visit before leaving Banderas Bay. Of course we took the bus which was about a 45 min ride through some scenic mountain areas that we hadn’t seen before. We arrived at Sayulita about noon and set out to explore the town. One of the first things we encountered was a baseball game, which looked to be similar to an A rated team. We hung out watching and enjoying the game for several minutes before wandering on to the next surprise. The town consists of several ‘main’ type streets with their array of shops and restaurants. There are many tourists of course the businesses cater to and prices are adjusted accordingly, though I think the food at the place we stopped at was still reasonable. Arriving at the beach seemed more like we were in California than Mexico.

Beach Scene

There were more people on this small beach than I have seen here thus far. The swell and waves are very good for surfing so this is a big draw. Many vendors offering rentals of surfboards and surfing lessons line the beach as well. We found a palapa and ordered a cold cervesa and got out our books. I think this is one of the only times we have enjoyed just sitting on the beach since La Paz. After walking along the beach, watching some surfers, some small would be ‘castle’ makers and others playing in the waves we worked up a little appetite. We stopped at a corner restaurant, the busiest in town (which is usually a good sign) and had a bite to eat before heading to the bus stop and back to the boat. It was a well deserved relaxing day which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Monday April 26, 2010 Well this was the day for my crown to be placed. We worked around the boat, surfed the net for a while and then went into town for the crown. This dentist during the busy season works from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. He said after day 60 he gets grumpy and no one wants to talk to him, his English is very good but to hear him try to explain this to me was a little difficult for him and humorous to me, so I joked with him to get him to smile a little. My crown is now in place and doing well, thank you.
Tuesday April 27, 2010
One of the things that we wanted to do while here was to go to the zoo.

Fountain at Zoo

We heard that you could get really close to the animals and that they have babies all during the year that the visitors were allowed to pet and hold. The zoo is located in Mismaloya which is on the S/W side of Puerto Vallarta. This of course entails a long bus ride, it is nearly an hour to PV, change buses to the downtown bus which goes to Muertos Beach and change buses again to go to Mismaloya. All in all about a 2 hour drive. This again was a very pretty area to drive through, many mega hotels on the beach with the more green and jungle type foliage rather than the desert/brown on the other side of the bay. Once we got to the town of Mismaloya we had to walk about ½ mile to the zoo, most of it uphill and in the sun, it was a rather warm day too. The cost of entrance to the zoo is 100p per person, which is less than 10 dollars. You are able to buy some food for the animals if you wish for another 50p.

A smooch

The food consisted of carrots, bread, corn, peanuts and pellets, we purchased one bag. The zoo is designed so you basically wander down one path through the zoo with some small side streets leading to some of the animals. We were amazed to see the animals walking around in their enclosures able to come to the edge and take food from your hand, even lean their head over the edge, in the case of the Ostrich and the Giraffe, and take food from your hand or mouth! I have never been as close to wild animals as we were here and we thought that this was one of the highlights of our trip so far.


After the zoo we even had enough energy to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some necessary items. We stopped by the canvas shop on the way home to try to pick up an order of bias tape and some woven strap material for a couple of projects I am working on. The owner said he would have it for us tonight but was not there so we will try again tomorrow. Wednesday April 28, 2010 Canvas maker not there again, tried several times. This is delaying our departure at least to the marina due to needing the shore power for the sewing machine. Some more boat work, nothing major mostly picking up and organizing for our trip north.
Thursday April 29, 2010 Let’s see, what were we headed out to do, oh yeah we need to get a Banda Ancha card to make internet connections easier, so we went to the mall. As we entered the mall instead of going straight there (it is much closer if you go right through here says my spouse), “are we in a hurry, let’s just walk around” says I. “Wow, I never knew all this stuff was here!” spouse says, every once in a while taking the long way pays off. Telcel is the store we needed to get the card from but after we figured out what we needed stood in line and talked with the rep we realized we needed our passports, of course we didn’t have them with us. Instead of letting frustration get the best of us we enjoyed looking through the major store, Liverpool, which is like a Macy’s and what the mall is named, we even splurged on salt and pepper shakers which both grind, bought coffee filters, went to Starbucks to get a latte (me), reg drip (spouse), wandered around the mall looking at shops like the body shop and radio shack among others, noticed a movie theatre that showed movies in English for less than 5 dollars and just enjoyed the day in the air conditioning. Of course we made a deal to come back to watch a movie sometime. Friday April 30, 2010 We have a list of things we need and many places to go. Need to check out of the marina, oh and pay our bill yikes! We need to check out of La Cruz, since we are leaving to go north at some point. We need to see if the canvas guy has our stuff yet-yes our canvas fixing stuff-not the other ‘stuff’. We need some odds and ends from Zaragoza which is the West Marine of Mexico (even more expensive, unbelievable but true), probably need something from Wal-Mart, oh and yes we are going to see our 5 buck movie, no these are not throwbacks from the 80s or even 90s, these are honest to goodness new movies, well maybe a month or two old but even so who cares! We haven’t seen them and we haven’t been to a movie for months now-I can smell that popcorn already-yum yum!! We got all our stuff, of course there were things we couldn’t find and other finds we made, took our bags into the theatre and watched our movie in the very cold air-conditioned theatre (first time I could have worn a long sleeve shirt or sweater), I think Larry enjoyed the cuddle time though so it was worth it. Back to Bucerias, the little town just S of us, where we stopped to hear a fellow musician play for a little bit. It was still early when they were finished playing and the offer of a ride to La Cruz couldn’t be turned down so we headed to Philo’s to listen to the band there before returning to the boat. Saturday April 1, 2010 We will leave the dock today for the anchorage but we still have many things to finish up. Make a harness for the dinghy motor to ease the handling of this heavy motor. Finish the window cover (I did get the bias tape finally), clean the boat one more time,(the marina is very dirty from the dirt roads which surround it), figure out the Banda ancha, get the new cell phone up and running, top off the water tanks and have one last load of clothes washed. Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a few near disasters, I dropped my glasses into the drink and couldn’t get to the net before they went to the bottom. Fortunately we were able to hail a diver to come help us out and he also retrieved the BBQ pan which was dropped last week. We also found out our windlass cover is missing, the cover which I slaved over for many hours and tore apart to remake part when we had snaps put on which were not stainless, then had new stainless snaps installed, that is heartbreaking. We were able to finish most of the projects, the ones requiring us to stay at the dock anyway.
As we headed out of the marina we ran into a fellow cruiser who is also in the anchorage. ‘Today at the anchorage we are featuring rolls’ he said ‘I want mine with cinnamon’ I said ‘Well we are out of cinnamon all we have is the common garden variety rolls’ he said. Sure enough as we set our anchor, turned off the engine and became familiar with the movement of the boat at anchor again the rolls were delivered as promised-where are our sea legs anyway?


  1. I love being able to imagine what you are doing, and reading your blog makes me feel like I am there- I’m very excited for you and your (spouse)- Our love to both of you, and have save travels- Still dreaming about October in Mexico!

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