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Mother’s Day and San Blas

Sunset in Paradise

Of course what could be a more complete ending to a beautiful day and dinner in the cockpit of our ‘home’ than this sunset.

Our protection

Rocinante at anchor

Larry's Snapper

Punta de Mita or ‘Punta Mita’, what the locals call it, is only a few miles from La Cruz but the important thing is that we are on our way and not ‘stuck’ in La Cruz anymore. There isn’t much here but a bunch of condominiums and a great (expensive) golf course. It is a nice anchorage though a little rolly, good holding and enough room for several boats to snug in nicely.
As we were fueling up in La Cruz we met another boat called Victoria Rose with the home port of Portland, actually lived just north of Everett, who were heading north going to many of the same places we were. They were heading to Punta Mita that day, we were going to wait for the next but ended up changing our plans since they had lots of information related to San Blas, one of the anchorage we planned to visit, and offered to share. We spent a fun evening drinking wine and sharing information about our respective adventures and lives, the end result being we now have some great new friends.
One of the great things about cruising many of you may not have even thought about is going to the head in the middle of the night, in fact I am sure most of you have never given this a first much less a second thought. You are wondering what is so great about having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and I am going to tell you. Once you get used to your boat, to the point of being able to do your thing without turning on the light while in the bathroom. In the sea water there is phosphorescence, tiny microscopic animals that give off a kind of glow, this phenomenon is seen while you are sailing during the night time, boats experience this as they move through the water, dolphins stir it up and appear as torpedoes streaking through the water and sometimes there is other stuff that makes the water glitter with these little bluish twinkles.
What does that have to do with the bathroom. Well many boats, our boat, pumps in sea water to flush the toilet, this is a fresh water saver as fresh water is premium on most boats. During the night, when you are ready to flush the toilet, with the light switched off you will see some of the phosphorescence in the form of little bluish twinkles swirling around in the bowl. Just a little sailing tidbit you might find amusing, I do, even in the middle of the night it always makes me smile.

We are here in San Blas, seemed so far away a few days ago, feeling really good about sailing again, re-learning the boat and her responses and my response to that. Thinking about the past few days we have had some trials between Larry and I, expected I guess since we now have to learn how to live together on our own. I have started my yoga practice again and I feel the difference already, in my mind and body, I do think that some of the stuff is coming out due to the yoga-out with the bad and in with the good- that is what I say.
Larry caught, actually snagged, a snapper and we had a wonderful meal and then leftover fish tacos the next day. We tried to catch fish on the way here and haven’t had much luck except for losing lures, we’ve lost 3 so far this trip-not the whole trip just the part from La Cruz to here! Oh well we’ll stock up when we get to Mazatlan or La Paz again and try it again, practice, practice and no feeling bad about lost lures.
We spent a very rolly night in Chamela on Friday night, very pretty bay and nice little town, mostly Mexicans on vacation is what we saw. When we landed the dinghy we had a little boy help us, wanted to tie the boat to a rock for us, we didn’t have anything to give him so Larry bought some M&Ms in town but when we went back to the dinghy to give it to him we couldn’t find him.
The picture with the armed police deserves mention. We see armed police quite often in the cities we have visited so we are very used to the sight. We didn’t know what they were doing walking up the beach and although we are growing accostomed to the sight, seeing 5 walking toward me was a little intimidating. As they passed by they smiled and waved and even stopped to take a picture with a local girl, talking with her parents for several minutes-to me they are like our own police in the states- there for my protection.
Last night we arrived in San Blas, actually Mantenchen Bay, a huge very shallow bay near San Blas. We had a few hours of just sailing, no motor, and I think that helps me with my mood. The constant drone of the engine just does something to my psyche I think-the yoga and meditation will help, if not I will have to entertain the other option, throwing the Captain overboard.
Today is mother’s day, first one away from the kids, I am a little teary but not really sad just missing them. Actually I feel so lucky to be able to do this and that I have some really great kids to be supportive of me as I do this. I was finally able to connect with my 3 girls, got messages from my boys but didn’t get to talk with them. We don’t have our US phones anymore, changed them (and the bill) in for more economical phones that we pay for usage only. Now we will have to rely on e-mail and windows live, what a great program to allow us to talk and even see our loved ones.
We came into the marina at San Blas yesterday and although we prepared for the worst, tied everything down and secured the cabin from objects that might become flying objects, it was a smooth entry. If you want to see what this entrance is like during high seas look up u-tube San Blas knockdown. A few weeks ago several boats attemped to cross this bar with 5 ft seas and were knocked down, which means they went sideways enough that their masts touch the water, we wouldn’t have even attempted it had the swell been large.
The marina here is small but very accommodating, we have internet, showers, laundry facilities (it is so nice to have clean clothes!!) even a pool and jacuzzi (not hot thankfully). We decided we would stay at the marina for a night to wash the boat, fill the water tanks and get more drinking water. We have found a solution that is working nicely for us. We get a big 5 gallon bottle and refill our 2-2.5 gal bottles that we keep on the boat. The smaller ones are much easier to handle, besides we aren’t able to keep or store the 5 gal ones anyway. Last night we ate hamburgers and home made ‘baked fries’ on the boat while watching a georgeousl sunset, we stayed outside until we couldn’t stand being eaten by the bugs anymore. There are tons of mosquitos and no-see-ums here, they wern’t so bad out at the anchorage probably because there was more wind. We still have some more laundry to do, filling the tanks today and looking at the weather before we decide if we will take off today or wait until tomorrow morning for Mazatlan with a possible stop at Isla Isabella.


  1. Hi Guys, I still love checking in on your site and I dig all the fun stuff you are doing. Way to go and keep it up.

  2. Wow that picture of the sunset is amAZing!!!! I finally looked at all your zoo pictures those are cool we might have to go to the zoo and zip lines when we visit. Love Lauren

  3. Sorry you were teary on Mom’s Day:) I know I was! I don’t remember the last Mother’s Day we didn’t all get together and celebrate each other! Good for you doing your yoga again. Your stabilizer muscles are going to be amazing in no time! Hopefully you’ll find some solid ground to practice on sometimes! By the way, I don’t know how you do it, but of all your achievements thus far…your ability to correctly spell all of those places is by far the most impressive to me! lol…

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