Posted by: vlbyers | June 5, 2010

Shabatt with our friends

After returning from the Copper Canyon tour we moved our boat to a less expensive marina, Singlar, still in Mazatlan in fact right by Mazatlan marina and Marina El Sid. All three are within a stones throw or a dinghy ride of each other, Singlar is the smallest of the 3 by far but still has all the amenities we need. El Sid is the fancy resort type marina with 2 pools that have slides, caves and spots to dive or jump into the pools and a hot tub. The greatest thing is that we can go sit beside the pool and use all this fun stuff all day long for the price of a drink.
Besides enjoying the pool we have been spending time with our friends on Whatcha gonna do. We had them over for a great dinner including a chicken curry dish and pineapple upside down cake. Our stomachs were bursting when we were done and we had a great time laughing and sharing, reliving the great moments of our trip and talking about plans to go into the ‘sea’, as the Sea of Cortez is fondly referred to.
The next night was Friday, and since our friends are Jewish they invited us to Shabbat which is the Jewish sabbath. They not only shared their meal with us but their Jewish traditions including the prayers, which we didn’t understand since they were done in Hebrew. Barb fixed a wonderful meal but the highlight was the bread, homemade Challah shaped in the traditional braid, she made 2 and both were devoured quickly, thankfully she shared the recipe with me and I have made it once-yep we even bake bread on our boats:) Thanks Michael and Barb and kids for sharing with us.
Our boat projects are really that list that is never-ending so we tackle them one at a time, well maybe 2 or 3 if they are small. My most recent one is getting the teak that is on the outside of the boat sanded and varnished. Andrew started on it when we were in La Cruz and did a beautiful job of it. I have now sanded the toe rail-the rail that goes on the top of the deck all around the boat and the little strip that is on the side of the cabin. At this point I have 3-4 coats of varnish on them. The wood is not as clear and bright as when it was new due to the many years it was neglected, dirt gets into the crevices and makes it very hard to get out unless I sand the wood down very far-so I have to just be satisfied that it looks much much better than it did and that now no further damage will happen. My 2nd project, kind of similar, is the hatch screens we have. They are a wood frame with screens in them which were in dire need of cleaning, sanding and varnish and since I am going to all this work I decided that getting them re-screened would be good. So a project on a boat is never as simple as it seems at first. I have taken the screens off they are about 16×16 inches and will now attempt to put them on my bike and transport them to the glass place that replaces screens. Once the new screen material is in place I can resume my varnishing, hopefully getting a few coats on before Tuesday. Why Tuesday you ask-well we have decided to go to Dothan to visit Larry’s family for a bit. It put off our heading to the sea for a week but it is important for us to see his family and keep up our connections.
Last night we had our friends from Outrider over for dinner of hot dogs and roasted veges. We had a great jam session with 3 guitars, Larry, Peter from Outrider and Bill from Wirewalker. They played until their fingers gave out and our stomachs were screaming. The boys from Outrider started to watch the Lord of the Rings but it got late and they had to take a rain check, we promised to let them finish it before they take off.
It is Saturday and we are having such a great time here in Mazatlan, good city to make use of our bikes which we have been doing almost every day. Larry’s new bike was in need of some adjustments and he got that done so although it is like riding a kid’s bike it is very serviceable and makes it so much nicer to be able to ride together, he was getting tired of riding on the back of mine:) So after breakfast we are off to get some things done in town before everything closes at 2.
I put time and attention and sometimes frustration into each and every one of the posts and it is so nice to know that you are reading and I hope enjoying them. I really like getting either an e-mail or comments to our blogs from you, we read every one and I try to respond when I can (I will work on this one), I would like to acknowledge when you reach out making a comment. Our readership is steadily increasing and that is exciting to me. THANK YOU


  1. Kathy and I enjoyed the bottle of wine you brought to the party in March (St Michelle CSM red). Delicious! Stay well, and see you soon.

  2. I can just picture you riding your bike with Larry holding on and riding behind you through the streets of Mexico!!! hahahahaha This made me laugh out loud. but seriously has he been riding behind you for real???

  3. So glad you decided to stay a bit longer and enjoy yourselves rather than stick to an unnecessarily tight schedule! I mean, that’s why people retire:) Love you guys. It’s fun reading your blog. I get on every couple of days to check on how your doing, and where there isn’t anything new to read it bums me out. But no pressure!

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