Posted by: vlbyers | June 15, 2010

Leaving Mazatlan

We have had a wonderful time here in Mazatlan, have taken 2 really nice trips off the boat and actually just returned from the 2nd one to Dothan, Alabama where we visited Larry’s family. As with all good things they have to come to an end, or in our case we are just on the lookout for more good things, just in a different place.

The weather for our Dothan trip was very hot and humid so we stayed in the air conditioner for most of the time. Ginger and I did some shopping and had a girls night out, thanks to her I was able to find the coolest water bottle, just what I was looking for and in pink!! Larry and I were very smart and ordered some of the hard to find parts we needed and had them shipped to Larry’s brother Mike’s house-Thanks Mike! It will save us so much time not to mention how much $$$ we will save. Now we have our sail repair material, our new GPS charts and the part to fix our BBQ, very important now. Visiting with family was really the highlight though, seeing the kids growing so fast always is amazing to me. Unfortunately we spent part of the time in the ER with Larry’s mom who broke her arm. She was discharged to home that day though with a brace and with the help of Mike and Ginger will make a full recovery.

Today Barb and I cleaned out Sam’s club and Mega with our provision shopping, 4 carts full!! Larry is always amazed at how we (I) always seem to find a place to put everything. All we usually have sitting out are the fruits and veges that won’t go into the fridge. We have a little extra storage area now that we have the 2nd cabin so we have filled that up too. Cruising up in the sea it is more difficult to find the food we want and if we are able to find it the price would be much higher. All the cupboards are full to the brim now, should be enough for many weeks. Tonight we met up with some friends had some snacks and drinks and a little entertainment from Larry on guitar while we talked with Chuck from Jacaranda who has been in the sea for the last 3 seasons and had much information to share with us. We heard stories of great anchorages, winds to be aware of, catching squid and fish and the beauty of the sea. For now we had to say goodbye to Darlene and Roy of Skrimshaw, we will remember our yoga sessions the most, oh and feeding the kittens, until the fall when we pass through again.

Tomorrow we finish up the last of the prep before we head out to the sea. Filling the water tanks, the fuel tanks, putting the dinghy on board, picking up the laundry, getting our drinking water, finishing putting away our stores, securing all the deck items and getting ice-the very last thing. We will head out of the marina about noon and back to the old marina which is about 5 miles south. We will anchor there overnight, have a chance to go to the Pacifico factory and to a recommended restaurant for one last taste of Mazatlan before we head out the next day.

Thursday we will pull the anchor and head out early in the morning as we want to make the most of the daylight. The winds are forecasted to be 10-15 knots from the west or south-west which will be fine for this crossing, since we will be going in a northwesterly direction. The waves and swell are not supposed to be more than about 3-4ft, hopefully it will be a comfortable trip of about 36 hours or so, depending on where exactly we decide to go. Until next time, Vicki


  1. So getting back to normal eh? Where’s the picture of the water bottle??? You know me! Always looking out for the next best water bottle. Mine is sweat proof which is a must considering how much ice i use. Now if only I could find one that’s sweat proof and LEAK proof! (I am NOT going to ruin another cell phone!) Well, I can’t wait to see you guys in another two months! And tell Larry I finally pulled my guitar out and have been practicing non stop for 2 days! My fingers are so bruised and swollen it’s a pain just typing this note. But I am determined to learn. There’s a billion (well, perhaps a bit less) videos on you tube for learning scales and theory and all that stuff. Wish me luck! And I’ll be wishing you luck in return. Stay safe and happy! -love j

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