Posted by: vlbyers | June 20, 2010

Why we can’t leave Mazatlan-reason #4

Freeman hotel

Pool at El Sid

Barb feeding friends at the pool

Candidate Malova

we're ready for the jellys

New bottom needed

Newly varnished screens

Today is Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there-have a wonderful well deserved day of togetherness with your families!
We are still here in Mazatlan, why you ask, well because the forecast, which has been accurate, called for little to no wind for the past week. When we settled on a day to leave, and then adjusted and adjusted again, it gave us time to do other things to fill our time with-like we can’t leave before we go to the Freeman restaurant with the great views that someone recommended, and how about another day at the pool/hot tub at El Sid, oh and we just have to go to the market one last time for some more of the ‘best tamales in the world’, of course we need just a few more things from WalMart oh and the tribute to Michael Jackson at the square on Saturday night, can’t miss that. We also did get some chores done, Larry repaired the bottom of the dinghy which was threatning to leak, I finished up the varnish on the screens, we got our drinking water and the boat is clean, the water tanks will need to be filled again and the longer we delay the more the laundry piles up begging to be taken in–OK so the forecast is for wind tomorrow, nevermind that there are storms building south of us that might be contributing. It’s always the same either not enough or too much.
We have had lots of fun the past few days of course, dinners shared with our friends, the making of new friends from Israel, England and Australia and playing mexican train-we do have to finish that game prior to taking off.
We actually had no idea what to expect from this Michael Jackson tribute, even the details of time and place were a bit sketchy but those of you who know me understand my continued fascination, enjoyment of and admiration for this unbelievably talented though tormented performer. The tribute was performed by a dance team here in Mazatlan to some of Michael’s most popular songs, the costumes were fabulous and the coreography was great, we were all rocking to the music and blown away by the professionalism of the whole performance. It was a free exhibition at the central plaza and was standing room only.
We were also advised to get jelly suits made since the sea is full of jellyfish and stings can be quite painful, requiring either abstinence from the water in the heat or taking the chance of being stung. Our suits were custom made to our measurements and color choices-we are looking forward to trying them out in the sea soon.
As you can see the pool at El Sid is really cool, in all the time we have been going we never saw our ‘friends’ and were amazed at the size of some of them, you see ‘fearless’ Barb offering up a morsel to one, another unexpected discovery we would have missed had we left ‘on time’.
Our last trip to the market, which is the central market in Mazatlan where vendors get together to sell everything from clothing to freshly butchered cows-of course all of the parts are displayed, also provided us with a surprise! This particular day was especially busy, there was a band playing and from the croud we could tell that something special was happening. As we turned the corner we realized that we had happened on to a political rally for several of the candidates-one of them was handing out free chickens to the lucky ones in the croud, I was able to catch a picture of him in his white shirt behind the counter. Although we don’t know all the issues surrounding this campaigne we have seen many of the posters from the various candidates all around town and can feel and see the excitement growing with the increase of rallys and parades around the city. Another event we would have missed out on had we left ‘on time’.
Today we will make our final run to WalMart for a few items, fill the water tanks and fuel tanks for our early morning departure tomorrow. Wish us luck, and with any luck you will not see us online for a few days or more:)

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