Posted by: vlbyers | June 28, 2010

The plan to leave La Paz

As with all of our plans they seem to change as often as the tide, if not more often. We planned to stop into La Paz to fuel up, top off water tanks and get a few ‘needed’ items, only for a night then back to the anchorage and then up the coast. A day turned into 2, then we may as well use the pool at the marina for a day, then we needed a few more items, then we thought we should repair the dinghy.
So the plan develops, the dinghy repair. We are going to buddy with a our friends on Whatcha gonna do, since once we drop our dinghy off for repair we have no way back out to the anchorage (we are at least at the anchorage now) except to swim and it is a little far for a swim. Our friends too need some preventative maintenance on their dinghy before heading into the sea (lets not fool ourselves, are we really heading up there?) since there may be little in the way of repair shops. So one day we will have ours repaired, once we get ours back we will have theirs, sharing dinghys in the meantime.
The guys get ahold of the dinghy repair man, only one now since the other one went out of business, and we find out that the cost will be 100. for our friend and 300. for us, that is in dollars not pesos!! Sticker shock wasn’t all they discussed in the comfort of the shady cockpit with a couple of cold brews, they also discussed how simple it was, how they could probably do it themselves, but we also had nothing to lose by trying to negotiate a better price. They got the dinghy repair man on the phone and tried their best reasoning, he wouldn’t budge, he wouldn’t even explain or rationalize his price, he was firm.
So we decided to do the job ourselves, the boys had gotten some great advice from the guy who just went out of business and also borrowed some clamps from a fellow boater, all we needed were some larger patch material, the 2 part epoxy glue that was recommended and a cleaner to prep the rubber. We felt confident that we could do a great job.
Off to the store they go with their lists and the size of the patches we needed. The glue would be about 20 the cleaner would be about 25 and the patches would be about 300, again all in dollars not pesos, Hmmmm, I didn’t major in business but even I can figure that we would be better off having the dinghy repair man do it. Unfortunately we had already taken the patches off our dinghy and cleaned it all up (we should get a discount for that but I doubt it) so we loaded it up on our friends dinghy and dropped it off.
We are here in La Paz for the next few days, we don’t have to wait on our friends to have theirs repaired since they will wait until the boat is docked for a week during July when they won’t need the dinghy.
So Thursday July 1 is the next ‘leave La Paz day’. We’ll see….


  1. I am happy to see and hear that you are working so hard. Miss you both but have a great time as you continue your vovage.

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