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Agua Verde

July 18, 2010 Blog entry
Here in the beautiful anchorage of Agua Verde which is just south of Puerto Escondido and Loreto we are enjoying all the amenities this little pueblo has to offer. Yesterday we dinghied up to the beach to take a walk into town, however it was getting toward noon and the hottest part of the day so we were not disappointed when our conversation with the local fishermen resulted in the purchase of a nice size yellowtail. Of course we couldn’t just heave it into the dinghy to hang out in the sun while we took a stroll, so we went back to the boat, Larry gathered up all the necessary tools to filet out this beauty and by the time he was done, and I had skinned and put the fish into bags for freezing it was time to head over for our 5 pm invitation on Wayne and Evie’s boat, time does fly.
We met up with Heather and Michael from Cabaret also for our little soiree and the 6 of us had a great time swapping stories of where we had been and where we planned to go.Wayne and Evie sure put on a spread on the great ‘deck’ on the bow of their boat. They had some appetizers all set out with real plates and everything but the real topper is they had Crackers from Trader Joes! That started a whole conversation regarding the lack of crackers in Mexico, hmmm someone could strike it rich here. Both of these boats we will likely run into in the coming weeks as their plans are similar to ours. Heather is learning to paddle board and she let me give it a go, I got the hang of it right away but since they took off this morning I will have to wait till we see them again before I take her up on her offer to let me use it. It is not even close to as hard as skiing or surfing but I can see that you could get a reasonable workout especially if there is wind or wave action.
The fish last night was OK, I tried a new recipe Thai fried fish with tamarind salsa. Sounded good but I think it would be better with a snapper type of fish and one that we could cook whole with the skin on. I did make Larry’s favorite, frozen mixed veges.
Today we planned to get up and out early to take that walk into the town so we could still have some shade, we were off the boat by about 0830, I was amazed. Since it is Sunday no one was on the beach so we continued down the road toward the buildings. There are many goats and cows and lots of chickens too. The goats we observed from the boat yesterday climbing on the rocks near the shore. This town is about 30 miles away from the next town of any size where they could get groceries but there is one tienda here which services the locals and cruisers who need minor provisioning. This family goes to Loreto to get fruits, veges and things like soda to sell at the tienda. After walking through the town for ½ hour or so we asked several people where the store was and pretty much went right to it. The store consists of 2 giant coolers(they may have been refrigerated or use ice) like a chest freezer size, in these coolers they have lots of fruits and veges including cucumbers, avocados, carrots, peppers, squash, mangos and even meat, cheese and eggs!! Since we are down to ¼ purple cabbage, 2 jicama, 3 onions and 4 potatoes and we want to make sushi tonight the veges were a necessity. I felt as if we had struck gold when we came back with our cucumber, 2 carrots, 5 limes, 2 mangoes, one jalapeno, one poblano and 1 doz eggs.
While we were at the store we talked with the locals a bit about themselves, gave the kids a ball and some candy and were told that there is a baseball game today at 4 pm. We were done with our business and eager to get the veges back to cold storage so we headed back to the boat, had some breakfast and after about an hour were roasting so we donned our jellyfish suits, threw our fins and masks and snorkels and bucket and towels into the dinghy and swam to the reef. There was so much to see, this is one of the better places to snorkel in the area and we spent 2 hours until we both needed to warm up!! What a welcome feeling after the heat we have daily. There are so many types of reef fish, wrasse, some larger eating type fish, parrot fish, trigger fish, sea stars, sting rays or skates, urchins, sea fans, oysters, clams, mussels and those frilly things that retract into their tube when you come by and so much more. The water was very pleasant except for some areas that were like bath water, I hope the sea doesn’t warm up that much in the next month!


  1. Good to hear you guys are still out there having a great time. I am so envious. Things are going well here at home. The wedding is less than a month away and my projects are taking on a little more urgency. Looking forward to returning but no definite plans as of now.


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