Posted by: vlbyers | August 15, 2010

Family and Friends, NW weather, Warm showers and cool nights

Brazilfest in Seattle

Carimbo dancing demonstration

Vicki taking part in the audience participation of Carimbo dance, right side with yellow top and white capri pants

Julie, Jeanna, Steve, Larry, Sue and Tom enjoying happy hour at the woodfire restaurant in Everett

Tom, Vicki, Julie, Jim at the Un-voyage party

Gabby and Emile in their new Mexico dresses

Isaac and his new mask from Mexico

Andrew, Larry and Tom on 'Moments' sailing to Tulare beach

Jim and Julie our fabulous hosts for the day at the Tulare cabin

Vicki and Jim with the catch of the day, CRAB

There is nothing like being greeted upon arrival at Seatac by your Daughter and granddaughter and a cool NW summer evening! The heat in Mexico when we left was unbearable for me, we were warned and I remember thinking Hot? I love hot, we’ll be fine. Those of you who are in the sea of Cortez travelling year after year in the summer my hats off to you-I think I like this snow bird life. This is the perfect time to visit the NW and I am not even sure about our rationale when we decided on this trip. We wanted to haul out the boat, San Carlos was our first thought, possibly have my brother and his girlfriend visit us there, of course visiting the kids was the main reason and it would have been 6 months since our last visit. I don’t remember being concerned about having to escape the heat but knowing that we would be here in one of the most beautiful places on earth in summer was definitely one of our leading ideas.
So here we are, the window is open at night while we are sleeping letting in the cool air, we have had some rain and cloudy weather and the last few days have been sunny and warm. Cooking is another pleasure that we have foregone since the heat hit in Mexico and we have been enjoying baking cookies, making pies and creating full course meals including soups! The first few days were spent seeing kids and grandkids, who were as happy to see us as we were to see them, our newest grand baby Addison, who is now 6 months old didn’t take too long to get re-accustomed to her grandpa and grandma and is doling out smiles a plenty for us all.
Bridgette was the first to pay us a visit and yesterday we went for a bike ride today with her, Larry, myself and Addison in her trailer! Thankfully Addison was blissfully unaware that her grandma has never trailered a kid on a bike, she also doesn’t know that her grandma is pretty well versed on bike riding so she was in capable hands. The ride was on the Burke/Gillman trail which is close to their house and we took a side trip to Red Hook for a little refreshment and a snack on the way home, it was a good 20 mile trek, next time the timing will need to be better, maybe skipping the side trip, as we arrived home after dark none of us equipped with lights.
We spent one day with Julie and the kids, it was nice enough so the kids and the puppy could spend most of the day outside, which they did and at the end we were all tuckered out.
Andrew has come for a visit and he also joined Larry and I on Tom’s boat for a sail. We sailed out of Everett marina with a forecast of 6 k wind but sunny. We happened to have about 12 k for most of the day and we sailed to our friend Jim and Julies cabin on the sound for some fun times sharing and crab eating. Jim even volunteered to row me out to drop the crab pots and we caught 20 total, of course we only kept our legal limit. Jim had the pot with boiling water ready to go so in went the crabs. Unfortunately we had to take off about that time since it was getting late and we had about 1 1/2 hour boat trip home. We are in the beautiful NW but even on the brightest sunniest days on the water it can be chilly to cold. I was able to scrounge up my old ski pants, my down coat and a vest to bring along and thank goodness I did as I was at the help most of the way back to the marina. Sailing was fantastic, spending the day with Andrew, Tom, Jim and Julie was the best and hopefully we will have many more days like that. Tom is due to head out of the NW and sail down to Mexico like we have done, he has had a small delay with some family issues but we are hoping to send him off in the next few weeks.
One evening we got together with Tom, Jim and Julie and our good friends Jeanna and Steve for happy hour at the woodfire-this was intended to be a bon voyage for Tom, we turned it into an un-voyage (due to his delay) and had a great time anyway.
Settling in here at Lauren and Jeff’s hasn’t been too difficult. We have our own room, until the next addition (baby) arrives-which is not planned as of yet so we have some time. Lauren is working 2 days a week, and Daphne is out of school so we are spending lots of time with both of them. Jeff works M-F so is able to escape from all of us:) Daphne starts soccer this year for the first time so Grandpa went to help them pick out soccer shoes, shin guards and socks. He was also able to pick up a used ball at the local thrift store so every day has been filled with practicing. She is loving it almost as much as Larry, he can’t wait until the season starts so he can go to her games-knowing him he will volunteer to help out doing something, which would be a win-win!!
Me I am spending my time helping with the baby, Daphne, working on my list of things to get while in the NW, ordering from sailrite, and practicing my flute. For those of you who we will be seeing back in La Cruz this fall, my goal is to be able to play 2 songs with the band.
We spent today meeting our friends Jackie and Mark and some of the GSE team (a rotary sponsored team) at the Seattle Center for Brazilfest. The team went to Brazil so they were anxious to meet up and enjoy some of the culture again. I took part in the dance demonstration and later in the instruction part-whew what a workout. The Carimbo dancing they do has Brazil and African influences and is a high intensity aerobic workout non-stop for 45 minutes. Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow:) Till next time Vicki


  1. So great to get your update. and so glad you are having a great time, but who doubted that one??? Love to you both – can’t wait to reunite. Harrison, Danielle and Michael all send their love! xoxo -Barb “and Harrison”

  2. Great program at Rotary! Thanks so much!
    It was good to see you and hear of your adventures.
    Next time you make it to Tulare Beach come and see us we are the last cabin on the north end.

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