Posted by: vlbyers | November 8, 2010

Talking about Bottoms

Rocinante greeted us just as we left her, safe on her stands and stripped to the bare poles, longing to be back in the water for which she is made. Aside from some additional dirt, everything was just as we left it. When she is on the ‘hard’ we get to view her bottom more than usual, this may seem like an unusual thing to write about but it is this lovely shape which keeps us safe and makes all of our journeys comfortable.
I look at all the boats in the yard as we come and go, many have beautiful boats attached to their bottoms, some are larger and some smaller, some are shiny looking almost new and some could use some TLC. There are others working on their boats as we are, readying them to be put in the water also. We talk about our journeys and ask about each others boats. I compare our bottom to the other’s bottoms, much like men must compare their female partner to others. I understand a little of what a man might think of as he looks at a woman’s behind. Some are large and round and others are smaller or thin. As I admire the bottom of Rocinante I am reminded of what it provides for us, firstly it keeps the water on the outside and us floating on the top, it is full and round which makes her stable on the water and allows us to carry loads of stuff. Her keel is strong and long but not too long, this is for our safety in high winds and to make it easy to maneuver her in tight places, she now has a fresh coat of paint so we will be gliding through the water at warp speed, well probably not that last part. As I look at her shape I am reminded and excited to think that she will soon be back in her element, swaying with the movement of the water and wind. And so will I.
Our first night here was slightly frustrating for me. As we arrived at the boat yard it didn’t look like any prep work had been done, typical we thought. The cabin was difficult to navigate through since the main sail occupied the entire floor from the entry to the main cabin. Everything that belonged on the outside was in, piled on bunks, stacked on settees, and strewn on counters. We spent several hours in a bit of a daze from our lack of sleep and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work we needed to do, unable to really accomplish anything productive, we talked with the man who was doing the prep and planning for the painting of Rocinante and were assured that we would be able to get into the water on Monday as planned.
Saturday was much more productive, we had gotten some sleep and had made a plan. The mainsail went on without a hitch except for needing a new stopper screw at the base. The dodger went back on without much difficulty, I will need to re-stitch an area degraded by the heat and sun. The Bimini was difficult to get on and ripped at the zipper which meant I had to repair it prior to putting it on, it needed to be cleaned anyway. The bottom was prepped and 2 coats of bottom paint were applied. The batteries were hooked back up, the solar panels and BBQ were hung on the rails, some of the things we brought down were stowed, the inside was cleaned and a can of beans which exploded, expelling it’s maggot filled contents was cleaned up-better now than later I say!
Sunday Vicki spent the day repairing and making new items with her handy heavy duty sewing machine in the comfort of the air conditioned room with TV. Larry spent the day on the prop which is now shiny and ready to propel us quickly to our destination. He was also able to help handle lines for several of the boats that went back into the water. We attempted to relax in the hot tub but didn’t get the office the message to turn it on in time. Tonight we will let them know plenty early:)
Today our list includes putting the jib and the furling line on, hooking up the starter battery, hopefully getting the boot stripe painted on, we won’t be able to go into the water today if they are painting, one day delay isn’t bad. I will be sewing on the new cockpit enclosure, the old one was ripped and needed replacing.
Staying here at the Santa Fe has been pretty comfortable, good coffee in the morning to get us going and breakfast too. The rooms are noisy and dark unless the blinds are kept open in which case everyone walking by can see in, the walls must be paper thin allowing all the noises to come in. Makes me long to be on Rocinante even more-one more day for sure.


  1. We await your arrival. Cannot wait! I expect we’ll see you on Wednesday or Thursday?

  2. All sounds good- we hope things continue to be smooth sailing and you enjoy your time with Lauren and her family! More then likely you are sailing the high seas… looking forward to seeing some pics of whales breeching or a big catch for dinner… I bet you are already feeling more relaxed!

  3. Hey, I am glad both of you are all right. Rocks are not fun.

    We are currently relaxing in Matzalan and will be here until 11/19.

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