Posted by: vlbyers | December 3, 2010

Cleaning and boat repair

The past few days have been filled with cleaning and preparation for our haulout and repair in the Puerto Vallarta boatyard. Larry worked for hours cleaning the dinghy which had only been in the water for about 2 weeks and climbed the mast to investigate our radar, we don’t seem to be getting any signal from it. He also checked the mast light and the tri-color while he was at it. Both of the lights are working but we still don’t have an answer about the radar??

Larry up the Mast

Clean Dinghy

I spent the day cleaning the boat, inside and outside. Just like your house, the clean doesn’t last and it already feels as if I didn’t spend all day working.
After checking out of the port at Nuevo Vallarta, a requirement since Puerto Vallarta is a seperate port only a few miles apart, we threw off the dock lines and headed to PV for our haulout. We were early and hanging out in the narrow channel and the area where the cruise ships go not wanting to take up the dock space too far ahead of our haulout time. We tired of waiting so pulled up to the dock only minutes before another boat was in the slings ready to go in the water. We had to leave the dock since there is no wiggle room, until he was out of the slings and around to the other side of the dock, he had no engine so manuverability was an issue.
Our haulout was uneventful and once we were in the air and on our way to the spot we would be placed for the duration of our repair work, we got to view the damage up close. I was happy that the damage we had seen when we quickly dove it matched my first impression. In actuality there is about a 4 inch chunk taken off the fiberglass, no damage to the rest of the keel or supporting structures and besides scraping the paint from the bottom of the keel, no damage to the bottom where we scraped over the rock. That’s why we bought an integral keeled boat!! Our thought was to do the work ourselves but after getting a bid from a local fiberglass guy, the savings in time would work out better for us to have him do it, his estimate is that we may be back in the water by Tuesday. We can concentrate on the other repairs and projects while they are doing the fiberglass work.

Closeup of keel damage

Keel damage

I have already begun work on the skirt for the cockpit and Larry has found the leak which causes our water pump to go on about once every hour or so. Of course he got the parts to fix it and once he did that he realized it won’t be as easy as replacing a clamp-the entire hose will need to be replaced.
The yard here is very secure, better than I have seen in the states with a guard stationed all night long. A fence that actually encloses the yard and big bright lights illuminating the area. There are showers, I couldn’t find the hot water but I am clean, internet at the restaurant where they serve reasonably priced food.
We’ll keep you posted with pictures and progress reports because once we are back in the water we beging our southward bound voyage.


  1. Ouch!! But glad it’s not worse than expected. Hope the work gets done quickly so we can reunite quickly further south. xoxo b.

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