Posted by: vlbyers | December 7, 2010

PV Chili Cook Off

Vicki, Larry, Deborah and Jewell

Every year the Puerto Vallarta Yacht club, in Nuevo Vallarta, hosts a chili cookoff which raises money for several local charities. Upon our return to the bay I began hearing about the cookoff, thought it sounded like fun and hey I can cook chili and for a brief moment entertained the thought of cocking up some chili and entering the contest. Our situation is far from ideal, we are living on the boat while it is on the hard, not able to use the water much and access to the boat is from a ladder and our transportation would be by bus. These constraints combined with how much work we have to do on the boat made me realize that this would be too much to take on.

Lucio with sandwich sign and Deborah with her washboard

Our friends on The Elysium, whose boat is also on the hard having major work done, did not have the same amount of logical thinking when they entered the contest. The Elysium will be our buddy boat cruising to Panama and beyond. Deborah is the captain and owner, Jewell is the co-captain and Aggie is the boat dog, today she was the ‘chili dog’. Lucio is their marinero or 1st crew.

Aggie the 'Chili Dog'

Jewell spent 8 hours and cooked up more than 6 gallons of meaty chili the Friday before the event. Jewell and Deborah were up until 0100 making signs and sandwich boards for the booth. Chili Chili Bang Bang was the catchy name for their chili and booth. We met them at the yacht club parking lot in the afternoon and were the recipients of their craftiness, we wore the Chili Chili Bang Bang advertisements proudly luring many happy chili tasters to their booth.
I made a jingle using the music from Chitti Chitti Bang Bang, which some of you may remember, and sang it with Deborah accompanying me on the washboard as the festivities were beginning. As word got out how good the chili was, people began coming in droves, telling Jewell many times over that hers was the best. We danced to the music behind the booth, dishing out chili and chatting with our visitors, thankfully Jewell heeded the warning that running out of chili is the worst thing you can do. Her chili lasted until the end and we had 3 small cupfuls left which we gave to the last partyers.

Jewell- the master chef

There are 3 divisions, Commercial-which are those who have a restaurant, Non-cruising-those who have a stove and space to cook, and Cruisers-people like us and the Elysium. Throughout the event Deborah, Larry and I were convinced that Jewell would win 1st place and repeatedly told her that, but it was still surprising and very exciting to hear Chitti Chitti Bang Bang called as the 1st place winner in the cruising division.
All in all a great way to spend the afternoon and evening and get out of some of our grimy, dirty work to help out a good cause.

Jewell and her 'winning' team


  1. When is the oatmeal raisin cook off? (From Michael)

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