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Back in the Water December 11, 2010-Posted 12-13-10

Back in the Water
It’s Saturday, normally a good day no matter what you happen to be doing but especially today because we will be going back in the water. We had planned to be out about a week and came out last Friday so this is just about what we expected. As we entered the yard, Juan approached us with his bid on the repair work. We had heard good things about Juan and his crew for fiberglass work so when he gave us what we thought was a fair price we made a deal with him. His crew got started right away on the work, things kept going at a steady pace and before we knew it the repair was done and he had completed the job on schedule. Unfortunately he discovered another area of the keel that had a small crack in it and we opted to have that one fixed at the same time. Thankfully the hull is structurally sound after the rock encounter and if we stay in deep water (how do you do that) we will be fine.

Keel before repair

Fiberglass repair, rough

Repair primed

Opening up aft keel leak

Aft keel repair

Funny thing about expectations, if things don’t go as you have in your head sometimes there is a feeling of discouragement or even anger. Juan said we would be out of the yard by Tuesday, he set our expectations and we were excited that it wouldn’t be as long as we had thought (read ‘spending less money’). I am quite willing to live on a boat, our home, with all of its limitations and space constraints, but living on a boat in a boat yard stretches my tolerance almost to breaking, OK take out the ‘almost’. I am happy to say that I can’t take all the credit for the emotions this week. Dealing with the mosquitoes and the heat, which kept me awake most of the first 3 nights, does nothing for my sunny disposition.
• Opequimar had a reputation that wasn’t too good in years past but apparently there have been some improvements, mainly in the cost, which is still very steep (my opinion) for their daily/working on the boat rate. The ability to do your own work is a positive for those of us who desire to. This is one busy, working yard, one of the busiest I have seen. Boats are being hauled and launched daily, many boats are having major work done and thus creating the noxious fumes, dust and multi-colored dirt that blankets everything in the yard. Going back to kindergarten and color mixing, all those colors mixed together gets you black. Yep, black dirt everywhere, there is no way not to track it all over and the only way to keep some of it off your boat is to remove your shoes as you step aboard. The fine black powder shakes off the bottoms as you slide your shoes off and goes wherever, I would have thought that climbing up 11 ladder rungs would remove some of it and maybe it does. Since we are dealing with holding onto the boat, I realize getting off the ladder without falling (it’s 10 feet to fall) is high on the priority list, but so is keeping this filth off the boat! We usually have something in our other hand (purse, bag, paint, bucket, supplies) the problem then becomes where do you step with your bare or stockinged feet so as not to track dirt all over the rest of the boat. Putting a dirty rag just adjacent to the ‘landing area’, then another where the next step would be, then finally a cleaner rug as we enter the companionway has made it manageable. Now all I had to do was wipe off the areas where ‘someone’ forgot to remove his shoes. Well that should be easy enough but then there is the problem with the water….

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