Posted by: Lare | December 13, 2010

La Cruz and Music – Lare Again….

After being in the boatyard for a week we were thinking about options for locating our home. That’s only one of the nice things about living on a boat—you can move your waterfront property anywhere you want and however often you feel like it. Among the things to consider when deciding on a new temporary home are proximity to services and comestibles, and cost. Although it’s nice to be close, generally that means, (in Banderas Bay anyway), incurring the cost of being in a marina and after our boatyard experience the budget has become more of a priority. So, we sail over and anchor off La Cruz, (free).

Being here in La Cruz is like being home again and it’s actually one of my favorite places around. After all the hectivity of the boat work it’s really nice to be back in a familiar and very comfortable place—well, relatively comfortable anyway. The nights are a bit rolly but it’s like being rocked to sleep. Also, it takes a little while for Rocinante to find her comfort zone back in the water. It’s sort of like when one first gets into bed—making sure the pillow is right and scrunching into the perfect position. She makes various squeaks and creaks until she becomes one with the sea and I think we are there today.

La Cruz is also music central for me with live bands just every night. It’s a great music scene and I know most of the local musicians. Because of its reputation La Cruz is sort of a Mecca for the cruising musician. You can find an opportunity to jam most days or nights of the week and the local clubs have open or semi-open sessions where you can meet and play with all types of players. Britannia hosts on Tuesdays and Fridays, Philo’s on Thursdays, and Ana Bananas on Sundays. Each of these places offers something different and they are all good. We plan on enjoying all of them right up until we sail off…. this weekend….I think.

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