Posted by: vlbyers | December 22, 2010

The Water Story-continued and Close Encounters of the Whale kind

Fire Dancers at Los Arroyos Verdes

We live near the water, we live on the water, we are surrounded by the stuff. How come with so much water around one of the most difficult things on a boat is having water come out of a spigot when you need it? Well I don’t know if I have an answer for anyone but this has been Larry’s dillemna for the past week. How to keep the water pump on (meaning there is that pressurized water which comes out of the faucet when you turn the handle) so your wife can brush her teeth in the morning without having to listen to the pump cycly on when you are not using it, signalling a leak in the system. So he has tracked down 3 leaks so far, all in the same problematic spot and so far, for the last few hours, no spontaneous pump noise!!

The past week has been filled with fun, so much so it has been difficult to find time to update the blog. We have been out at anchor and just having to prepare to go to shore takes a little more time out of every day, depending on what you are doing when you go to shore. Will we be gone all day, should we put the anchor light on, take a flashlight with us, take a jacket (yes it has been chilly). Are we going to the pool, what about towels, a snack, a change of clothes, sunscreen…oh and a camera. One day we went with some friends on their catamaran, Wayne and Carol on Capricorn Cat. This boat was in the same HaHa that we were last year and it has been fun making friends with them. So Cap Cat and ‘Moon and Stars’,

Carol and Sherry

another cat owned by Lupe Dipp who also owns a retreat in Bucerias called Los Arroyos Verdes, went out to play in the ‘catbox’, in other words went out for a day sail.

There were 6 of us on Cap Cat and since we ladies were there to relax and let the guys do the sailing that is exactly what we did, it was difficult having to move our cushions from one side to the other every time they tacked and put us in the shade! The highlight of this day were the whale sightings, we were all talking about how we hadn’t seen but one or two whales all year and that it would be nice to see some when we spotted some in the distance. The winds were great so we were able to quickly close the gap between us and the whales, keeping sufficient space between us and them, as Carol had just learned in a seminar that day.

We thought we had sufficient distance, I had just shot a picture of the girls on the foredeck when right behind me was a huge whale, I was on the starboard hull and the whale just missed skimming the boat as she dove, All the ladies screamed that the whale was ‘right there’ pointing my finger at the bow of the boat and yelled for Larry, who was at the helm to ‘stop’-yeah right. He came hard to port and we didn’t hit the whale but our pulses didn’t settle down for several minutes after assuring they were moving further away from us.

Los Arroyos Verdes is a retreat in Bucerias which was built in record time by it’s very talented owner Lupe Dipp. There are many individual ‘cabins’ on the property, several one and two bedroom hotel type rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, acres of manicured grounds to stroll and even paths which to use the many bicycles to take a ride. She has made the retreat ‘green’ and makes use of the sun with enormous solar panels and reverse osmosis for filtration in the pool instead of chlorine. Many events are held here and we attended a photography event which featured pictures of her young grandson during his Huichol babtismal ceremony.

Mai, Darlene, Roy, Larry and Dave at Los Arroyos Verdes

There were wonderful tamales and vegetables to snack on and your choice of red or white wine, beer or tequila. After the cocktail hour there was a firedancing display by the pool. It was a very enjoyable evening.
On Sundays Lupe has ‘pool day’, when she openes the pool to the public. This was a place that we hadn’t had a chance to visit on our other times here and hearing all the wonderful things we did not want to miss seeing the retreat. We went to the pool last sunday and throughly enjoyed the day, lounging by the pool, sipping cool beverages and relaxing in the sun, a great way to end the week.

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