Posted by: vlbyers | January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have been here at the marina for over a week, preparing the boat and ourselves to head south. In the midst of all this preparation we managed to squeeze in some celebration time for Christmas and the same for the New Year. There is a foil star hanging, that’s our tree with the stockings hanging and the presents under.

'stockings hung on the lantern with care...'

ringing in 2011

One of our focuses seems to be water. We have a watermaker aboard which enables us to make potable water from sea water, handy when in places that don’t have ready access to fresh water, like the anchorages we will be heading to as we go south. Well one day the watermaker just quit, I noticed that the lights and outlets weren’t working, hmmm a breaker tripped, why? Well the watermaker pump bit the dust, so we won’t be making water until we are able to fix it. Larry has investigated the problem, knows the parts we need and has contacted several companies, who by the way are closed until after the holidays.

Larry's beautiful table

In the meantime we have been working hard on our lists, our cockpit table is complete and installed, is it beautiful. Tonight will be the first time we use it. The dinghy is clean and the wheels have been installed, wheels are needed to land the dinghy on the beach and then be able to haul it up on the beach out of the water and above the tide line, this is another necessity as we head south where the majority of access will be by beach. The chain which is connected to our anchor has been inspected and re-marked with the different lengths of chain, so we know how much is out, this is another critical item as we will be anchoring almost all the time after we leave here. There is new varnish on the teak in the cabin where it was getting worn and exposing the teak to the sunshine and sea air. The Cockpit has a new skirt, what lady doesn’t need a new skirt for the new year?
We have also had many fun dinners on friends boats, gone in to La Cruz trying out several places we haven’t gone, yoga has been an almost daily part of our life and Darlene from ‘Skrimshaw’ and I have been leading many of the classes here at the marina. Larry has been playing and singing at many venues, he convinced me to sing at Brittania the other night, so we prepared 3 songs that just he and I did and got an encore!! He played more throughout the night and I also did 2 more of my songs. We had a fun night, I felt pretty good about how I sang and many nice folks complimented us, Larry has many many years of experience but I am such a newby so I felt very good that I worked through my ‘stage fright’ and did it.
We got a call from a friend this morning with a proposal for Larry and I to play the evening of New Years!! OMG this is my first real ‘gig’! We have plans to go to Los Arroyos Verdes for the party but we figured we couldn’t pass this opportunity up!! I am very excited, this is really a dream come true, one of those ones you wonder if it will ever happen at all. Well it’s never too late I say.

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