Posted by: vlbyers | January 7, 2011

Yoga fest and watermaker

One of our instructors, showing off

I rang in the new year by attending a Yoga Fest here in La Cruz. Several weeks prior to Christmas we saw folders and flyers advertising this conference, it looked intriguing but since we were going to be long gone…Days have turned into weeks here enjoying the lovely weather, making music, enjoying our new and ‘old’ (not to be taken literally) friends and working out water issues that it became clear we would be here for the new year, and the yoga fest. The advertisements said it would be right here at the marina but when we asked the manager, actually one of the owners, and the manager of the restaurant their answers did not elicit confidence that it was really going to happen. It wasn’t until we met one of the organizers that we felt confident enough to pay for the conference, of course with credit card, just in case.

Acro yoga demo

Monica, who is a yogi and owns Lakshimi yoga studio in Bucerias, came several days to lead our yoga class and she is obviously well schooled in the Indian yoga where she spent 3 years studying. Having her lead our classes took some of the pressure off of Darlene and I who though we are not instructors will lead a class just to be able to have friends to do yoga with.
The Conference was very worthwhile and throughly enjoyable, yoga which was known to me and some that was new, meditation, chanting and singing and even Acro yoga were among the offerings. Acro yoga is derived from acrobatic moves and is very popular here. I almost skipped the class, after 5 1/2 hours of yoga the first day I didn’t feel like I would be very successful. I went to the class thinking that at the very least I could watch. The instructors were so professional and informative they made it easy for us to replicate what they call ‘flying’ and was it fun!!

Acro yoga, too much fun

The four days of yoga fest were very full days for me and I came back to the boat at 7 or 8 pm exhausted, thankfully I have been doing an hour of yoga every day for the past 2 weeks, I was able to hang in. After a day of rest (for me) we are back to getting stuff done, laundry, cleaning the boat, oh yes and the watermaker. We have come to the realization that we will need a new one. Larry was able to make arrangements for one to be shipped to San Diego. Should arrive next week and he will fly to pick it up, cheaper than having a company ship it down and we save the duty since it is a replacement and listed on our Temporary Import Permit for the boat.
In the meantime we have a new addition to the family.


  1. A new addition??? Do tell!
    And wish I were with you for the yoga and music making (and everything else).

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