Posted by: Lare | January 9, 2011

Lots of Music Making Opportunities

Vicki and I have been playing quite a bit lately and having a great time. As I’ve said before there are many places here in La Cruz that have jam sessions on different nights of the week. Last Sunday I played at Anna Bananas with Rusty Debris (I don’t think that’s his real name) the guitar player, Leon the washboard man, and Harmonica Russ. Our tune selection was mostly vintage country and bluegrass that always takes me back to my Alabama roots. Playing with these guys is always a lot of fun.

This past Tuesday night we played at Britannia Pub where there were at least 12 musicians of different disciplines performing—definately an outstanding evening of entertainment. Vicki and I played the first set to a full house and got a great response. They asked us to come back on New Year’s Eve for a return engagement. We were pretty happy about that and Vicki’s work on the flute.

Vicki has really taken to her latest instrument. I think she’s been working on the flute steadily now for about six months and adds to her repertoire weekly. We’ve started playing together and working out some duets. I’m happy to report that she’s picked up some Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers, and even a Moody Blues tune. Perhaps we can record some of it and post it on the blog…..

La Cruz will be a hard place to leave for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is all the friends we’ve made here, but the music making opportunities I will really miss. But other ports are calling and there is music to be made these places as well.


  1. Prospero Ano Nuevo. It is snowing here this evening. Sorry you’re missing it. Always great reading your blog. Sounds like you’re having way too much fun. I take some pleasure in thinking maybe I had a small part on your decision to sail Mexico when I referred you to the JustAMinute blog. Be safe. I read about 15 beheaded drug ring members in Acapulco. Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you’re in the clubs? I hope they don’t copy Somalia and go after the ‘rich’ gringos on their boats.

  2. P.S. Would love to have you attach some of your music on the post. Really interested in the Moody Blues.

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