Posted by: Lare | January 19, 2011

Cold in San Diego

I’m in San Diego, California right now, colder than I’ve been since we left Seattle back in November. I guess temperatures recently have been unusually low. Tonight it’s forecast to get down to 49F.

I had to come here to retrieve our new watermaker. You may be asking yourself, “Why did he go all the way to San Diego from Puerto Vallarta to do this?” Well, I searched high and low around Banderas Bay and wasn’t able to find anything that would do the job. You may then ask yourself, “Why didn’t he just order one from a local chandlery to be shipped in?” I actually did look into this and found that it would cost us around $8,000.00. The reasons, I assume, for the high cost is shipping, overhead, paying the right people, and the fact that they CAN charge that much. Another thing is, shipping anything to Mexico from anywhere in the world is at best an iffy proposition—meaning you can’t know when, or even if, it’s going to come. So, given all the uncertainty and costs I looked into visiting the states and bringing it back myself.

As it turned out I was able to order it online to be shipped to a chandlery in San Diego, fly here, stay in a hotel, return with it in my own hands, and save almost $2,000.00—including flight, hotel, and expenses. So that’s why I’m freezing in San Diego. The people here have made it so easy.

Downwind Marine, is well-known for helping cruisers in many ways. I first visited this chandlery more than a year ago when passing through on our way to Mexico and liked the way they did business—that hasn’t changed. They were extremely helpful inevery way. I ordered the watermaker through them and got a great price. Not only that, they allowed me to ship other items there that I had purchased elsewhere. Thank you Downwind!

I’d also like to thank Christy with Quantum Sails, for all her help and the folks at Sailing Supply for their advice and input. Brian and Jo at The Dinghy Doctor didn’t have the prop I needed for my outboard so they took one off one their other ones and sold it to me. Last but not least, I’d like to recognize Starbucks just for being here.

One reason I was able to save money is the place I stayed, The Sun Harbor Hotel at 1510 Rosecrans St. For $39.95/night it had everything I needed including free wi-fi. It’s also within walking distance of all these other businesses and a short easy bus ride to Target, Home Depot, and Petco for the non-cruising items I needed.

So far, it has been a great and fruitful trip. Now that I’m loaded down with my purchases and some items I picked up for others, I need to cross my fingers and hope that it continues this well all the way back to the boat. We’ll see………Now you may be asking yourself, “Why is he complaining about 49F?”


  1. I am sorry yor life is so cold and burdensome….I will continue to pray for you!
    Honestly…we miss you guys!

    • We miss you guys too. We hope you’re doing well and look forward to seeing yall when we come back in June. But maybe you’ll come and visit us before then?!?

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