Posted by: Lare | January 21, 2011

Looking Back on the Dream….

Looking back, now is the time of year Vicki and I started getting excited about attending The Seattle Boat Show. During the years of preparation for our voyage we attended religiously—listening to the speakers talk about their experiences and hanging on every word in hope that it could help us get closer to our goal. We heard Nigel Calder talk about diesel engine repair and boat electronics trouble-shooting; John and Amanda Neal urging us to “Just Go!”; Larry and Lin Pardey giving wisdom about provisioning and heavy weather sailing; Lisa Vizzini imparting good sense rigging for cruisers; and Carol Hasse telling us about the best sail inventory and how to get the most out of it.

We listened intently, bought the books, watched the videos, and took the classes. As much as we learned in those preparatory years, school really started the day we set sail for the south, and class is still in session. We now have over five thousand miles under the keel and we still have the fever, the fever that was fanned brightly by the Great Seattle Boat Show.

Because of those memories, about two months ago I sent an email to the producers of The Seattle Boat Show asking if they were interested in having Vicki and I speak. They quickly replied that yes, they would like to have us give a presentation—in January, 2011. When I first sent the email I had thought we would try to be part of the Show in January, 2012 because finances and travel schedule dictated that would be a good time. But then I started thinking, “We have the time, but we’re still stuck with the “F” word mentioned earlier. Anyway, I just wanted to share a little of the excitement we felt at the possibility of speaking at one of our favorite symposiums. We would love the opportunity to share with others who may now be where we were four or five years ago. Perhaps in 2012.


  1. Will be following you! So wonderful to meet both of you! It made our trip special. Barbara (and Dennis)

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