Posted by: vlbyers | January 22, 2011

Here in La Cruz Part ll

I guess this could be part 3 or 7 or 25, we have been here in La Cruz for 2 months now, how long had we planned…3 weeks. That’s how it goes, seems there is always something that beckons in many places we have visited. Sometimes it is the lure of the showers and internet, sometimes it is the proximity to a great big ‘american style’ store like Mega or Wal Mart. Sometimes it is the convenience of being at a dock for provisioning or completing projects. And sometimes it is the weather, waiting for favorable weather hasn’t been the issue here.
Here in La Cruz the real lure has been just being here, doing our projects, meeting some of the locals, breaking stuff and having to fix it, playing music at many of the venues here and of course acquiring our new kitten.
Calypso has endeared herself to us fully. She is not capable of producing offspring thanks to the local vet here in La Cruz. Dunia and I have spent our visits conversing in spanish, learning about each other, troubleshooting eye infections and fleas and worrying over the fact that Calypso needed 4x the anesthesia which would be normal for her 1 kilo size (remember your grade school math and that is 2.2 lbs!) After her surgery, which went well except for the amount of anesthesia, Calypso and I spent the night hanging out. I couldn’t get her to hardly hold her head up much less lick off water from my finger. She was not able to hold her urine which necessitated me having to wash 2 of our blankets as well as giving her a full bath. I then worried about her being wet and cold, she continued breathe so I was encouraged, and we cuddled on the couch watching episodes of ‘Lost’. I carried her to her cat box every hour hoping I would catch the next time she had to pee, and when we went to bed I put her on a towel to catch the liquid. Despite my efforts I awoke in the middle of the night to a wet sheet and bedspread…hmmmm didn’t I already do this with 4 kids?

Still a little 'dopey', not me the cat!

Larry had gone out to play music that night but I felt that I couldn’t leave her and it turned out to be a good decision, who knows how I would have found her if I had left.
The next day was Sunday and the vet was closed of course I could call her if needed, she had written her number on a scrap of paper for me, no need for expensive cards here. All day Sunday I tried to have her drink water and eat some of her favorite soft food to no avail, she was able to get off the settees but I was afraid of her jumping up and down so I tried to contain her on my lap most of the day.
Monday I took her in for an injection of antibiotics and a pain killer, told Dunia she was still out of it although now using the cat box and has nibbled on a bit of food. She said everything was normal and she was doing fine, I continued to be a little concerned that it would somehow permanently affect her, maybe she was just too young, maybe I should have waited…
Today is Saturday, one week from the Surgery. Cali has had another round of Frontline for the ‘pulgas’ or fleas and some more anti parasitic medicine, we think she is done with the vet. She has been, so far, content to sit inside the boat with us venturing out to the cockpit only when coaxed by us and returning to the cabin when we do. Until last night. She is definitely feeling better. We sat in the cockpit last night and enjoyed the table Larry made while enjoying our dinner, Cali was scoping out the water from her perch upon the toe rail and actually ventured out along the deck looking at the dock. I called her back to the cockpit several times as it was getting dark and I didn’t want to risk her jumping onto the dock. After doing the dishes I looked around the cabin and the cockpit and didn’t see her. It is fully dark now so I grabbed the flashlight and started searching.

'No really I can help'

My beam of light came upon her sitting upon the cabin top, by the base of the mast looking quite regal. Her kittenness is showing itself fully, playing with the toys Larry brought back from the states, chasing the laser light and ‘helping’ me with my cross stitch, she is racing around the cabin this morning playing with empty 1 gallon water containers and I laugh continually at her antics. Now that she is feeling better and now I can start to worry about her getting off the boat.


  1. Hi Viki, long time no rap.Neill and I are spending our vacation for the month of March in PV this year. Bummed that you and Larry have already left Banderas Bay. I was hoping to drop in. Sounds like you have been living the life we all dream of although I’m sure it has it’s moments and challenges. You look fantastic in your fotos. Your tan face gives me pangs of jealousy. We rented a nice place in the Hotel District in the Suites Marbella. As per usual this time of year, I can’t wait to get some warm sand between my toes So what are the best hot spots where Larry and you hung in and around PV? Neill likes to puff on the funny kind of cigarrettes from time to time. Any hints of where to go or who to see? It would sure be a big help! I wish you a continued safe and fabulous voyage. Love Dolores.

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