Posted by: vlbyers | February 5, 2011

Leaving Banderas Bay

The group just arriving

Palapa at Hot Springs

Hot Springs-so inviting

One of our last days here in the Banderas Bay was spent on an adventure into the mountains to a wonderful hot springs. On Sunday there were 3 vehicles which made the hour and a half trek from Mescales, most of the ride on rough, unpaved roads. After leaving the town of San Juan we encountered a few other settlements and for the last ½ hour there were no houses or stores until we came to the hot springs. Some friends asked us to let them know where it was so they could go at a later date, well we won’t be able to do that! The road to the hot springs was relatively easy to follow as there were no other roads but getting through Mescales to San Juan and then navigating through San Juan would take GPS which none of us brought.
These hot springs are fed by underground springs and there are about 12 manmade pools of varying depth and temperature. The grounds are well kept with many of the paths between the tubs roughly cemented or rocked. Trees have grown to cover most of the pools and in the summer provide much desired shade. There are several barbeques for use by the patrons and there were fires started in one of them for us as we arrived, had we known this we wouldn’t have brought our cold sandwiches.
We were one of the earliest to arrive and at 10:30 it hadn’t warmed up so the pools were extra inviting, for 3 hours had the place to ourselves. We donned our suits using the co-ed toilets, with a cloth barely covering the door and a bucket of water to flush the toilet this place has no overhead. We tried at least 8 of the pools but what we discovered is that each is fed by a large plastic pipe with a valve to adjust the incoming water, so we found the one just right for extended lounging and stayed, adjusting the temperature to suit us.
We spent several hours having all the tensions of the cruising life melted away. This gave all of us ravishing hunger pangs so we laid out our feast, we had all brought our own lunch but brought something to share with the group too. This meant we all had sandwiches, pasta salad, jackfruit, mixed fruit, veges, chips and Mai’s amazing guacamole, and for dessert chocolate-chocolate chip and oatmeal craisin cookies.
After lunch some of us jumped back in the pools and some took a snooze or a walk. We spent the balance of the day talking and watching as more and more people showed up. When we were ready to leave there was a family eyeing our spot and as soon as we packed up they had their tablecloth on the table and their chairs took the place of ours. Parking was easy when we arrived but we had to carefully maneuver the cars to make it to the road. This was a fabulous day we were so glad we had gone even though we could have made an excuse to stay at the boat, readying for the departure. On the way home our conversation with Len and Erin revealed many places that they have been while in the bay that we missed, oooh there is so much we could do should we stay??? We didn’t take the bait, weather would be fair to leave on the 26th.

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